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Just a Bunch of Random Items I Don't Want to Forget To Mention

Was anyone else disappointed in last night's Chuck? Half way through I began to think I should have watched House instead. That's about the same time I gave up trying to use the 3D glasses which didn't work well and hurt my eyes. But my main problem was the actual plot. Chuck has a far fetched premise that, by and large, they've been able to make somewhat believable. But how Tyler was being used by the bad guys left me going, "Seriously???" And the B Plot seemed pointless, if occasionally funny.

And I tried watching Heroes again. The episode was certainly an improvement over the last time I checked in on the series. Unfortunately, I was utterly confused as to who some of these people were and what was going on. Anyone know of a good source to catch up on the important plot points? I really don't want to watch the episodes I've missed.

Via dryope, 'Life' star Sarah Shahi is pregnant. The article talks of plans the show has to accommodate her pregnancy. It may be considered spoilery to some.

Over at the SciFi forum, Sighunter/Marcel, who runs Leah Cairns website, had a chance to speak to her about last week's episode and she had some interesting information about her role in the episode.

As some of you know I'm good friends with actress Leah Cairns (who plays Racetrack) and I also webmaster her official website ( Leah doesn't follow the boards but I keep her updated on stuff, like the discussion if Racetrack is a traitor or not and sometimes she gives her own opinion on things, which is as good as asking Racetrack herself, I guess (not counting the writers make up the story for her of course.)

Anyways... Leah said some scenes from the original script were cut to accomodate her, since she had a movie premiere for 88 Minutes (in which she starred next to Al Pacino, so it was a tough choice: premiere with Al Pacino or doing some great scenes). The original script had Racetrack and Starbuck with guns at each other and Racetrack had an awesome monologue about Adama's failures to the fleet (I'll see if I can dig up that script and print the monologue here as well).

She said it still was a great episode and thinks that it definitely makes sense that Racetrack would join the revolution. She smuggled the President in Season 2 which shows that she doesn't always follow protocol. She hates Cylons and after risking her life time and time again is expected to trust them and work with them? Ummm....No!

I'm not linking the thread since it seems to have degraded into character bashing. :/

My state, Michigan, is opening a movie studio. Unfortunately, it's not anywhere near me, but I'm sure productions will pop up all around the state now.

Carrie Fisher has started a blog. And she seems to be committed to the project. Of course, she just started it recently so we'll see if the frequent posting lasts. Highly entertaining, as her writing usually is. This is my favorite part of an entry she wrote about hosting, along with Colleen Camp and Ewan McGregor, a party for the film Milk:

There were two recurring themes at this party. One of them was Star Wars, given that two of the three party hosts had appeared in three episodes each. For those of you living in the middle of the Sahara Desert without any access to media, I played Princess Leia in the first trilogy and Ewan played Obi Wan Kenobi in the second—-and though we rumbled around in our oh, so, different trilogies, we’re ultimately part of the same Intergalactic family. And if you have been living in the middle of the Sahara Desert, what drove to you this website?

We've lived radically different lives and I wouldn't dare compare my writing skills to hers, but the tone and sarcasm sounded so much like me! It's odd sometimes the people you can feel a connection to. (And I mean that in a non-creepy way ;).
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