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Just a Bunch of Random Items I Don't Want to Forget To Mention

Was anyone else disappointed in last night's Chuck? Half way through I began to think I should have watched House instead. That's about the same time I gave up trying to use the 3D glasses which didn't work well and hurt my eyes. But my main problem was the actual plot. Chuck has a far fetched premise that, by and large, they've been able to make somewhat believable. But how Tyler was being used by the bad guys left me going, "Seriously???" And the B Plot seemed pointless, if occasionally funny.

And I tried watching Heroes again. The episode was certainly an improvement over the last time I checked in on the series. Unfortunately, I was utterly confused as to who some of these people were and what was going on. Anyone know of a good source to catch up on the important plot points? I really don't want to watch the episodes I've missed.

Via dryope, 'Life' star Sarah Shahi is pregnant. The article talks of plans the show has to accommodate her pregnancy. It may be considered spoilery to some.

Over at the SciFi forum, Sighunter/Marcel, who runs Leah Cairns website, had a chance to speak to her about last week's episode and she had some interesting information about her role in the episode.

As some of you know I'm good friends with actress Leah Cairns (who plays Racetrack) and I also webmaster her official website ( Leah doesn't follow the boards but I keep her updated on stuff, like the discussion if Racetrack is a traitor or not and sometimes she gives her own opinion on things, which is as good as asking Racetrack herself, I guess (not counting the writers make up the story for her of course.)

Anyways... Leah said some scenes from the original script were cut to accomodate her, since she had a movie premiere for 88 Minutes (in which she starred next to Al Pacino, so it was a tough choice: premiere with Al Pacino or doing some great scenes). The original script had Racetrack and Starbuck with guns at each other and Racetrack had an awesome monologue about Adama's failures to the fleet (I'll see if I can dig up that script and print the monologue here as well).

She said it still was a great episode and thinks that it definitely makes sense that Racetrack would join the revolution. She smuggled the President in Season 2 which shows that she doesn't always follow protocol. She hates Cylons and after risking her life time and time again is expected to trust them and work with them? Ummm....No!

I'm not linking the thread since it seems to have degraded into character bashing. :/

My state, Michigan, is opening a movie studio. Unfortunately, it's not anywhere near me, but I'm sure productions will pop up all around the state now.

Carrie Fisher has started a blog. And she seems to be committed to the project. Of course, she just started it recently so we'll see if the frequent posting lasts. Highly entertaining, as her writing usually is. This is my favorite part of an entry she wrote about hosting, along with Colleen Camp and Ewan McGregor, a party for the film Milk:

There were two recurring themes at this party. One of them was Star Wars, given that two of the three party hosts had appeared in three episodes each. For those of you living in the middle of the Sahara Desert without any access to media, I played Princess Leia in the first trilogy and Ewan played Obi Wan Kenobi in the second—-and though we rumbled around in our oh, so, different trilogies, we’re ultimately part of the same Intergalactic family. And if you have been living in the middle of the Sahara Desert, what drove to you this website?

We've lived radically different lives and I wouldn't dare compare my writing skills to hers, but the tone and sarcasm sounded so much like me! It's odd sometimes the people you can feel a connection to. (And I mean that in a non-creepy way ;).
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So what you're saying is... I shouldn't be beating myself up over not having 3D glasses?
Hey, if you want to beat yourself up, don't let me stop you! But, don't so it over not having the glasses. ;) I thought perhaps I was just having an issue with them because of having to wear them with my glasses, but there were quite a few people complaining on the post about the ep over at TV Squad. One problem may have been no one took into account HD when making them. Another seems to be they made the plastic too dark. And there was some weirdness with the people in the background popping forward. Definitely a failed experiment on NBC's part.
But my main problem was the actual plot. Chuck has a far fetched premise that, by and large, they've been able to make somewhat believable. But how Tyler was being used by the bad guys left me going, "Seriously???"

I thought it was a particularly good example of what happens on the show when the slapstick and the adventure is out of balance. It felt waaaaay too slapsticky. I particularly thought the end was jarring--the conversation between Chuck and Sarah about what she had to do to protect him, followed by him jumping into the car with them like an overeager puppy, was just weird.

On the other hand, there was an excellent Arrested Development shout-out. No touching!
I particularly thought the end was jarring--the conversation between Chuck and Sarah about what she had to do to protect him, followed by him jumping into the car with them like an overeager puppy, was just weird.

I did like that Chuck confronted Sarah about what happened and they were able to come to terms with it instead of having some weird tension that she's clueless about exist between them for weeks. But that conversation didn't fit with the rest of the episode. Though Casey having his vacation day from Chuck ruined by Chuck was amusing.

I'm still trying to comprehend that part of the master plan of the Villains of the Week involved duping a rockstar into getting tattoos to pass information to their partners around the world. And did they just use groupies to retrieve the information? It just seems like there would be an easier way to go about all this.
I like that comment from Leah Cairns - it makes sense for her character, and explains why she was looking a tad nervy while Lee had a gun to his head. I wonder if we'll see her changing sides...

I need to catch up with Life, as I'm a few episodes behind. I'm curious what they'll do with the episodes if Sarah's character isn't around as much - more work for Crews in scenes where he's on his own, or will they try and bulk the script up by showing more scenes with him and his housemate, and another temporary partner or something? Hmmm.
A thought just occurred to me. Racetrack mutinied because of Admiral Adama's orders and she is trying to help reestablish the civilian authority because the Quorum, if not totally against an alliance with the Cylons, is at least wary of one. While Lee would try to protect his father, he is still a member of the civilian government. And though she certainly knew Lee would be taken into custody once he boarded Galactica, I don't think she was aware of what Zarek (who presumably sanctioned Lee's death) had planned. This isn't just Zarek trying to wrestle control from Adama, this is Zarek getting rid of all challenges to his power. Now she's not only being betrayed by Adama and his mission, but Zarek's as well. So, yes, I could see her changing sides again.

I wish Charlie's temporary partner would be a guy, but I fear they are going to go with a female so they can create some UST and possibly have them give into it since she won't be around forever.
Good points all. Not to mention the part where Racetrack has flown with Athena on and off for a couple of years now, and has tended to treat her as "one of the gang". Now, granted, being okay iwth one Cylon does not equal being okay with the government getting in bed with a bunch of Cylons (and Athena herself has not been the alliance's biggest fan). But while Racetrack can't have been naive enough as to think Helo/Athena/Hera would be left undisturbed, there's a difference between being taken into custody, and being taken into custody by some scumbags who plan to take the opportunity to commit a few war crimes against female Cylons.
Thanks for that link to Carrie Fisher's blog, I love her writing!
Me too! And I real love her snark about Hollywood and all it's insanity. :)
Re catching up on Heroes -- Television Without Pity does recaplets -- or weecaps -- in addition to the lengthy scene-by-scene recaps. They're usually 2-3 paragraphs per episode at most. You could skim through those to catch up.
Stephen Fry has Twitter. Neil Gaiman has Twitter. Joe Hill has a blog and now PRINCESS LEIA has a blog.

Oh god. I love the internet.
I just learned the other day Stephen Fry was on Twitter. Now, if only Hugh Laurie would get on and have a conversation with him. :)

I almost posted the Carrie "Princess Leia" Fisher has a blog, but then I thought the poor woman gets labeled with that enough. Though I give her a lot of credit for not just recognizing that is a significant part of her life and career, but being so willing to talk about it, sometimes at length, after all these years.
I couldn't stand that episode of Chuck. It was dull, unfunny, and lame. Not to be harsh. Sorry. But I think they let the 3D thing distract them from doing what they do well.
Hee. I'd hate to see your harsh. ;) But I pretty much agree with your assessment. Not only did they allow the 3D gimmick to get the better of them, I'm sure it's no coincidence that Jerome Bettis, one of NBC's football analysts, appeared in an episode the day after the Super Bowl. To his credit, his performance wasn't bad, but the storyline was dumb.
I love Jerome Bettis like crazy, so I'm not impartial, but I didn't think he did bad either. But it was wasted on that storyline. I fear that I've never been much for shows with urinal cake jokes.
*pops in from Gnews*

Oh, thank you for the Racetrack info! I've seen a lot of people mention her role in the other mutiny, so I'm glad Leah Cairns thought it was relevant too.

I'm not linking the thread since it seems to have degraded into character bashing. :/

I'm shocked! ;)
I'm glad I found the info. I only pop my head in the forum once a week and then only to look at a couple threads. Fortunately, the topic was clearly marked and at the top of the page. :)

I really wish we got to hear more from the actors after the episodes air. They all have such great insights into their characters and, in this case, I found reading Leah's perspective helpful. At least I get why she decided to join the mutineers, though I'm still perplexed how she can stick with them after seeing Zarek commit a murder and Lee nearly being executed. Maybe we'll get answers tonight. :)

I'm shocked!

Heh. The thing that shocked me is it only took two or three comments for it to begin. In the good old days, it didn't happen until page 2. ;) .
What a shame she didn't shot that scene! I'd have loved to see Racetrack talking shit about Adama XD and it'd have been such a great opportunity for Leah to develop her character! Any chance we'll see anything like that on the DVD extras? Frak, I understand it must have been a really hard call but premiere with Al Pacino instead of awesome scene with Racetrack? Why, Gods, why? xDD
And considering '88 Minutes' didn't do all that well, she probably should have stuck with BSG that week.
I wasn't shocked at all about Racetrack. In fact, aside from her freakish ability to find everything, I said, "oh, so THAT'S why they got her for the webisodes." Because she saw that Raptor with three dead humans (two of them pilots and probably her friends) and one freaked out human whom they obviously believed his story about the Cylon, and saw what the Eight had done, and then was probably expressly told by Adama never to mention it again because they were sweeping it under the rug in order to preserve the alliance. In that webisode, Adama took the side of the Cylons over the side of his own men. I totally get why Racetrack would mutiny. ::Sigh::
what dosn't make sense to me on any level is that Race Track is and has been Sharon's ECO,fro a while, that implies a significant amount of trust and possible friendship. Race Track also knows what Sharon has done for the fllet. Does all this mean nothing to Race Track? How could Race Track ever look at Sharon or her family again?

If Hera or Sharon were to get hurt the Race Tarck is partially responsible.