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Six Years

I usually forget to acknowledge significant days, but, this year, I actually remembered that today is my six year anniversary on LJ. It seems longer. It seems like I've been here forever. And it's hard for me to believe that some of you I've only known for that long or not even that long. LJ has it's faults and glitches, but it's a very comfortable environment for me. My Space, Facebook, and all those social networking sites are far too public for me. And forums far too hard for me to follow and can be limiting as to the scope of the conversation. Plus, you know, there are those crazy fans you'd rather avoid which is far easier to do on LJ.

I probably should venture back to look at my early posts, but I'd hazard to guess they are pretty much the same as now accept I've gone from obsessing about Buffy to Battlestar and adopted Jamie Bamber as my TV boyfriend. And I have more than twelve refugees from The Board That Shall Not Be Named reading this. So now there is that occasional pressure to be entertaining.

Some things don't change at all, my interest in a formerly evil, totally misunderstood lawyer now turned nice guy thief, Christian Kane.

I still feel the show is struggling a bit to juggle all the various balls they have in the air, but they have a second season to take this from being a good show to a great one. And they did two things I absolutely loved in this episode.

Thing #1: The addressed Nate's alcoholism, how it's affecting his life and how it's affecting those around him. I wondered if they'd ever seriously tackle this subject and I never thought they would do it so early in the run of the series. When they actually had Nate go into withdrawal and attempt to escape the facility because he was so desperate for a drink I was shocked. For some people, this would have been bottom, but not him. By episodes end he's returning to his addiction. What will it take for him to acknowledge his problem and get help? Perhaps one of the team being seriously hurt on the job because he's too drunk to back them up? I applaud the show for making this an issue and not just making it a funny habit.

Thing #2: The bad guy wasn't so bad. That was an unexpected twist. He did seem too bumbling to be a criminal mastermind and was more eager than anyone in that rehab facility to get help. And he provided a very nice parallel with Nate. If you do bad things, but do them to help people aren't you doing a good thing? It's a complex question and one Nate didn't have an answer for.

I think Cox/Kelso is my OTP on that show now. :) Perry wants to keep the friendship secret, Kelso is desperate to share the news with the world, and JD's reaction to finding out they went to see a romantic comedy together was hilarious. It's nice to see that the show will be going out so strongly rather than limping to it's conclusion.

Oh! And Ted has a girlfriend! Who was quite adorable. And I loved how well music was incorporated into the episode.

So, apparently Life returns at 9:00pm tonight. Great job of advertising that fact NBC. :p
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