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Jonathan Frakes talks about directing tonight's episode of 'Leverage'. And he cast some of his Trek buddies in guest starring roles. No spoilers beyond casting and the general plot.

I've been reading various articles on Dollhouse.

The Good: TV Squad's interview with Tahmoh Penekitt. Only Tahmoh and his enthusiasm is likely to make me stick around assuming this is as bad as I fear.

The Bad: TV Addict talks to Eliza Dushku. Not only do I find her a mediocre actress who isn't able to carry a show, she doesn't come across as the best spokesperson either.

The Ugly: The LA Times Blog recaps a conference call with Joss.

Eliza, apart from being, in my opinion, as great a star as I have ever known, has a genuinely powerful and electric and luminous quality that I've rarely seen.

Uh, really? And about the show's premise:

The premise of the show involves these men and women being hired, and obviously some of that has to do with sex. This is something that was in the premise from the start...I think some things will offend some people, some things will not. There are things in it that I'm not positive I support, and some of the things that bother me don't bother any of the other writers, and that's something that I've been a little bit afraid of, but I haven't shied away from ... The idea of this show was never to play it safe ... I may have crossed the line. Let's find out.

Call me crazy, if the creator the show is bothered by elements of it can't he change them?

Finally, Newarama.com recaps the 'Dollhouse' panel at NY Comic Con. Gee, considering Tahmoh was joining Joss on the panel, it would have been nice if they had showed some clips of him in the show. And on a BSG note, I love that after Jamie informed him that he was swiping his flight suit, Tahmoh decided to take his. :)

And a very Happy Birthday! to danceswithwords. I hope work isn't kicking your ass today and that you find time to celebrate. Just don't celebrate on Friday, I'll need you!
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Gotta love Ausiello, that "exclusive" has been up on scifi.com since Saturtday. (No offense, always appreciate BSG goodies shared. I just really hate him. :) )
It's another one of those "exclusives". Good grief, does the man honestly believe we don't check other entertainment sites? Does he not know the BSG community???

I gave up on reading his column when he reported that Bones was losing a cast member. It turned out to be a guest star that appeared in one episode months ago and they have no plans on bringing her back. He took a lot of heat in comments on that one.
Thanks. I gave up on Ausiello several weeks ago. He's come to the point where he's grossly distorting information just to get attention. And I love that TV Addict called him on creating news rather than reporting on it.
That interview with Joss was not as bad as I feared; I have to say I'm comforted by the fact that he specifically went out and hired women writers for the show that would watch him. I just have to hope that he'll listen to them if things are getting skeevy.
The interview with Eliza wasn't as bad as I feared. ;) She never impresses me, but she wasn't awful. I have high hopes for the show. I can't help it. If people will just stick by through the pilot (which, I imagine will be a hot mess), I think (and hope and pray) once we get into the actual episodes it will be an enjoyable series.
I think the problem might be Joss didn't go dark or skeevy enough. If the show established from the start that these women and men (I think there is one male 'active') were forced into this program then that would open the door for some serious exploration of exploitation and victimization. But, after I posted, I read the Televisionary's review of the first few episodes and he feels the show is a confusing mess. It's not even made clear if Echo is there against her will or by choice and if it is the latter than I have some real issues.
I just can't get beyond the premise of Dollhouse. It doesn't intrigue me, doesn't interest me, and if I can't get enthused by the premise, I know Eliza's acting isn't going to keep me there. I do want to see Tahmoh, so I will watch the premiere. I can't get over Joss waxing poetic over the mediocre actresses from Buffy all the time.
I actually think a bigger problem for me is Eliza rather than the premise. She was fine as Faith, but the girl does not have any range that I can see and a) she's the focus of the show and b) I'm suppose to care about her and I'm foreseeing some insurmountable problems there. And, sorry, after watching Tahmoh interact with Grace, Tricia, Katee, Mary, etc I'm just not finding it plausible that he'd find Eliza all that hot. ;p
Thank you! Friday is going to be packed with jam, isn't it? Do you want to try for a trifecta, or will that be too late for you?

Jonathan Frakes talks about directing tonight's episode of 'Leverage'. And he cast some of his Trek buddies in guest starring roles.

I am... weirdly intrigued by this.
Oh, that's right, you won't get TSCC and 'Dollhouse' until after BSG airs. Hmmm, we could try watching all three. I'm usually up until 1:00am anyway watching the repeat airing of BSG...as you know. ;) I wonder if I should buy some alcohol?
I am very, very nervous about Dollhouse. It seems like the kind of show I would like, maybe even as my post-BSG fandom. OTOH, I still have some huge scars from Jossverse Fandom (not necessarily the shows, but the fandom overall -- though I'm not referring to anyone who would be reading this!) I really, really don't want to deal with that, especially after three years in a comparatively serene fandom. So, I'll certainly tune in and give it at least a few weeks, and I might even like it a lot! I'm just nervous for so many meta reasons unrelated to the show itself.
I know where you are coming from! I still have the occasional flashback to my Buffy fandom days. ;) And I'm not one of those fans that is in awe of Joss. The man has made mistakes. Season 4 of Angel was not pleasant. He ruined Cordy. And Season 7 of Buffy was a letdown.

Have you read the Televisionary's review? It's not scathing, but it seems the show has a lot of problems creatively including a confusing premise, underdeveloped characters, and a leading lady not up for the challenges of the role.
Season 4 of Angel was not pleasant. He ruined Cordy. And Season 7 of Buffy was a letdown.

So say we all!

::shudders at the memory::
Well, I actually own Tru Calling on DVD, but I'll admit I didn't buy it for the intriguing and involved plotlines. I'm not sure she can carry a series on her own - she was good in Buffy, but her character wasn't hugely complicated and served best as a contrast to Buffy. I have the same concern with Tahmoh - I think he's a decent actor, but out of the BSG cast he wouldn't be my first choice for male lead of a show.

Of course, given my current tv watching habits, chances are I won't even remember Dollhouse is on until it's already out on DVD...
Well, I actually own Tru Calling on DVD, but I'll admit I didn't buy it for the intriguing and involved plotlines.

It was Trucco's guest appearance, right? ;)

Poor Tahmoh seems to have gotten short shrift in the early episodes. It seems his character doesn't have a substantial part until around episode 6. I guess Joss didn't love him as much as he claimed he did. :/
I was bogged down with work crap and missed seeing your post until today. How was Leverage? It's a show I've never seen before, but given what I read on the page to which you linked, it sounds like my Trek boys had a hoot! Plus, am I right in remembering Kitty Swink was a Vorta? I'll have to go look her up for sure.

Did Dollhouse debut already? I missed that too. Damn ;)
Leverage is always an entertaining show, but I appreciated seeing Brent who did a great job. Jonathan made a good choice in casting him. I couldn't recall who Kitty Swink was and even after seeing the episode, I'm not sure. She doesn't look familiar to me.

Dollhouse premieres Friday at 9:00est. You didn't miss anything. ;)
Thanks for the links. I REALLY want Dollhouse to be good, but I'm worried about it. The Joss interview makes me nervous in that it seems like they don't have a clear idea of what the tone of the show is, or at least, what the tone of the "sexual aspect" of the show is going to be.

I'm kind of already anticipating the "Is this show about raping women (and men)?" discussions that will take place - Not because the show is challenging, but because it's murky and unclear. That's my fear, anyway.
I just don't feel Joss put the thought into 'Dollhouse' that he did into his other series. Eliza had a deal with FOX, she went to Joss to bounce ideas off him, by the end of lunch they had a show, which they then pitched to FOX who pretty much bought it right on the spot. I think the reason production was shut down twice so scripts could be rewritten is that no one had a clear idea of what the show was about at the start and it wasn;t until filming began that everyone realized how muddled and potentially alienating the subject matter could be. And is Joss not telling Tahmoh more about his character to maintain mystery or because he doesn't really know who the character is anymore because he's altered the scripts so much?

Given how badly the Spike/Buffy attempted rape was handled, I don't have a lot of faith in Joss dealing with the sensitive sexual issues here.