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Jonathan Frakes talks about directing tonight's episode of 'Leverage'. And he cast some of his Trek buddies in guest starring roles. No spoilers beyond casting and the general plot.

I've been reading various articles on Dollhouse.

The Good: TV Squad's interview with Tahmoh Penekitt. Only Tahmoh and his enthusiasm is likely to make me stick around assuming this is as bad as I fear.

The Bad: TV Addict talks to Eliza Dushku. Not only do I find her a mediocre actress who isn't able to carry a show, she doesn't come across as the best spokesperson either.

The Ugly: The LA Times Blog recaps a conference call with Joss.

Eliza, apart from being, in my opinion, as great a star as I have ever known, has a genuinely powerful and electric and luminous quality that I've rarely seen.

Uh, really? And about the show's premise:

The premise of the show involves these men and women being hired, and obviously some of that has to do with sex. This is something that was in the premise from the start...I think some things will offend some people, some things will not. There are things in it that I'm not positive I support, and some of the things that bother me don't bother any of the other writers, and that's something that I've been a little bit afraid of, but I haven't shied away from ... The idea of this show was never to play it safe ... I may have crossed the line. Let's find out.

Call me crazy, if the creator the show is bothered by elements of it can't he change them?

Finally, recaps the 'Dollhouse' panel at NY Comic Con. Gee, considering Tahmoh was joining Joss on the panel, it would have been nice if they had showed some clips of him in the show. And on a BSG note, I love that after Jamie informed him that he was swiping his flight suit, Tahmoh decided to take his. :)

And a very Happy Birthday! to danceswithwords. I hope work isn't kicking your ass today and that you find time to celebrate. Just don't celebrate on Friday, I'll need you!
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