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I promise to stop spamming you all after this. :)

First of all, for those of you who are not as enthralled with Jamie Bamber as I or check out jamiebambernews, I feel compelled to point you in the direction of this post by the awesome elzed. On Monday night, BAFTA had a screening of the premiere episode of Law & Order: UK followed by a Q&A with some of the cast and creators. elzed attended both and typed up a detailed report. Yes, it is very Jamie-centric, but she also provides a balanced review of the series and what we can expect to see. The highlight of which was finding out Jamie's casting was a selling point to NBC. :)

The first episode 'Care' premieres Monday, February 23rd at 9:00pm on ITV 1. And, yes, I will be providing weekly reviews within a day or two (hopefully) of the episodes airing. ;)

In other (brief) TV news....

I finally saw last week's episode of House. It wasn't bad, though I was distracted by a tumor that apparently can grow in 24 hours and disappear almost as quickly. O...K...

The Mentalist - Just when you think Patrick Jane can't be anymore adorkable he utters the line, "There's no business like Chobusiness." Hee!

Scrubs - Surprisingly, the phone gimmick worked.

This episode probably would have worked better for me if I hadn't seen the film, Runaway Jury. I wonder if John Grisham feels it's worthwhile to sue?

And I really wish the writers would start sweating the small stuff. Parker spent the day on jury duty while the rest of the team watches six NFL games which would only be possible on a Sunday. Now, maybe Hardison had DVR'd the games to watch later but a) why and b) they should have established that fact.

Lauren Holly needs to take a break from the plastic surgery.

Brent Spiner needs to work more often.

I did enjoy Hardison explaining to Sophie that Parker's lack of social skills is a result of having no one to show her how to interact with people and Sophie's almost vain attempts to help Parker. I wonder if Parker can keep her new friend or if she'll end up scaring her off? And it was pretty darn adorable at how proud Parker was of Hardison as he worked the courtroom.

Life - One of the more successful (and humorous) episodes of the season, though I will never hear the words "Uncap the Sharpie" in the same way again.
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