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Possibly My New Baby

No, I'm not replacing Jamie. :p As a few of you know, I've been thinking about purchasing a netbook. I've looked at a few models. Did some price comparisons. But, as I am prone to do, I have procrastinated. Now, I know why. I saw this ASUS Eee this morning. It comes in blue, people! BLUE! Yes, I am terribly excited by this news.
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Netbook? I don't think I've heard that term before--a tiny notebook for easy transport and web access, some kind of cross between laptop and blackberry, I'm guessing?

Anyway, that thing looks awesome, and I'm a little amused that it appears to be way faster/cooler/bigger hard drive than my Vita while being a wee little thing and only costing $375. And it has XP and not Vista!!! Of course, Vita is getting a bit long in the tooth for a computer, so I shouldn't really be all that surprised at the pace of technology, but still!
I believe netbook is the commonly used name as opposed to the term I tend to use, tiny laptop. ;) I've been coveting danceswithwords for awhile and quite a few people had them at the Farscape con. They come even smaller, but I hear the keyboard is hard to maneuver if you go smaller than 10".

The hardrive on this is over twice as big as my three and a half year old Sony VIAO and said hardrive is nearing being maxed out, again. The netbooks can't handle running Vista so they either have to use XP or Linux. I don't want to buy a new notebook until Windows upgrades to it's next operating system so this should help me survive until then, plus it will be much easier to take with me on my travels.
Not just any blue - Colonial blue. :D Yes, this must be yours!
Well, when he's "Apollo" he would be in a flight suit (green), or as "Leland" in, variously, a suit/white shirt of hotness/red shirt of hotness. And this one is most definitely in dress blues. So maybe "Captain". Or - wait for it - just "LEeee". Because it's an Eee. (wee LEee?) ;0P
just "LEeee". Because it's an Eee. (wee LEee?)

HEE! (To keep with the ee tradition. ;) That's a good one. I don't know about "Captain" since he was also a Major and Commander. I could always open it up to a poll if I can't come to a decision. I certainly appreciate your help in this important matter. ;-)
Jenn just got one for Lee. My dad got one a few weeks ago but then returned it. It had gotten good reviews online, but his kept crashing, so he returned it for a new one, which - you guessed it, kept crashing. He decided to go with the MacBook.
I always worry a bit about new(ish) technology, but everyone I know who has one has loved them and been problem free with them. My plan is to get a new VAIO next year and, hopefully, this will help get me through until then. And Macs are evil! ;p
I am waffling over what to get. I think this would be useful considering how much time I spend doing nothing while committing.
Just beware that because of it's tiny size it has no disc drive. But there's always downloading! ;)
but does it travel in time and space? ;)

All kidding aside, that's ridiculously pretty!
I adore my Eee! And that is exactly the model I have except mine is black. It is FABOO!

[Also anywhere I take it, it makes people very very very jealous. *g*]