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A Heads Up For All You Hugh Jackman Fans

This is from the 'Tonights Best Bets' section of Entertainment Weekly. I kinda think they liked it. ;)



Great Performances: Rodgers & Hammerstein's 'Oklahoma!' (PBS, TV-G) As if Hugh Jackman in cowboy regalia weren't enticing enough, there are other reasons to check out this slick, staged-for-the-cameras version the 1943 musical: lush orchestrations, fancy new footwork from Broadway goddess Susan Stroman (''The Producers''), and stirring takes on classic tunes. Which brings us back to Hugh, who sets the tone for this stripped-down ''Oklahoma!'' with his spine-tingling rendition of ''Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'.'' Trevor Nunn's landmark '98 U.K. production might've worked without him, but with him, well...oh, what a beautiful show. A- -- Melissa Rose Bernardo *check local listings

And on a related note, I need to find me some Hugh Icons....

ETA - New icon courtesy of purple_smurf. :)

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