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'No Exit' - First Reaction

Does O_o count as giving away too much? I'll have a lot more to say later, but there's a few things I feel I have to say right now.

First off, beccatoria is either psychic or a genius or a genius psychic. Her fic, The Body is a Myth covered a tremendous amount of territory that was covered in this episode. Including, Kara's father was a Cylon! I don't know whether to be pissed at Ron for making us believe there were only twelve and Ellen was the final reveal or applaud him for managing to surprise us still with a thirteenth Cylon. At the very least, we now have a reason the number 7 was skipped. An entire line (accept for perhaps one that got away and is in hiding, maybe) was boxed before D'Anna.

I think once I watch the episode again...and again...and again...what Sam is revealing will make sense. But it was far too much to absorb in an hour. And while I'd like to blame SciFi for cutting the run of the series short and forcing Ron to make Sam the King of Dizzying Exposition, I'm more inclined to blame Ron. He's admitted to making a lot of this up as he went along, which I'm OK with, but he also wasted precious time on subplots that went no where and Quadrangles of Doom when he could have been providing a hell of a lot of pivotal information more slowly and coherently. I mean, Sam has to have severe brain trauma before we know what is going on?

I loved the Lee/Laura seen (I know, you're shocked), even though it was completely out of place in this episode. It was all I could hope for between them. It worked on so many levels. And who was the brilliant person on my Flist or commenter on my Flist who talked about the Quorum no longer making sense because the Colonies are gone, how they are one fleet now, and the people should be represented by the ships they live on? Lee Adama was channeling you!

That Ellen Tigh is, in essence, the Cylon god cracks me up to no end. She's the genius among them. HA!

On the flip side of this reveal, I now have to live with the knowledge that Cavil knowingly frakked his mother. Ewwwwww. When I rewatch the series again I'm going to have to keep in mind that Cavil knew everything. I also have a better grasp on his bitterness.

Tigh and Caprica are now shacked up. That was actually a sweet scene between the two. And Tigh gave up drinking for her! Now Ellen is going to return to mess up their domestic bliss. :(

And as Tigh gives up drinking, Adama is shooting back drinks and popping pills. I kind of am enjoying seeing him destroyed by having to agree to allow his ship to be Cylonized or else loose it.

A brain surgeon survived the apocalypse. How convenient! And he's a PC! Now I shall wait for the jokes about how if he was a Mac, Sam wouldn't be brain dead...or is he. Maybe Ellen can cure him.

By the way, Ishay, that was cold. I guess she really hates the Cylons. I sense she may cause problems for her husband the president in waiting.

OK, as usual, this was longer than I thought. I will have more later after a second viewing.
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