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The Other TV Shows I Watched

I realized Friday it was going to be impossible to post meta and discuss three shows over the weekend. It's too much! Luckily, Dollhouse has me only worried about posting about two shows now. ;) To be fair, it wasn’t as bad as I feared, but it wasn’t very good either. I was bored. The premise is murky and I failed to understand turning to people with implanted personalities for help when actual experienced and qualified people are available. But the big problem is the show’s star. As part of an ensemble, Eliza would probably be OK, she did a good job as Faith, but the girl can not carry a series. She doesn’t have the talent or, imho, the charisma to do it.

And, Joss, I know you are a fan of BSG, but please don’t continue hitting us over the head with references to the show. I didn’t like ‘Unfinished Business’ the first time and the shout out to Edward James Olmos was weird. You want to make the BSG fans happy? Give Tahmoh a bigger and better written part.

I was rather ‘meh’ on this episode. In fairness to the writers, they didn’t know they’d be on hiatus for two months and this would be the first episode back. And I never felt Sarah getting shot was that big of a cliffhanger. Her name is in the title; she’s not dying.

I’m torn on Kyle existing only in Sarah’s mind. It’s in keeping with the shows mythology, if you’ve seen the extended cut of T2. And it makes much more sense that he’s a hallucination rather than having actually traveled through time since, well, he’s already done that and is dead. But I keep thinking it would have been cool if they could have found a way to make it work and added Kyle to the mix and John had the opportunity to meet his father.

I’m predicting either Riley or Jesse will be dead by season’s end. And I’m a little disturbed that my first thought upon seeing Riley’s bandages was, “If you really wanted to kill yourself you would have cut with the vein.”

I suspected very early on that the sheriff (Conner Trineer! You finally got to appear in a quality sci-fi series!) was the doctor’s abuser. But I give the show credit for not portraying him as a clichéd villainous sheriff. He appears as to be the good guy, doing his job, trying to get to the bottom of what happened. It wasn’t until the very end that we see there is a whole other side to him.

John Henry now has access to Google the internet. That is very, very bad. As is his belief the human body is badly design. We are seeing the first seeds planted for the ‘Rise of the Machines’.

I am now wondering if John Henry might be the one to destroy Catherine. He didn’t seem pleased with the lack of answers he was getting from her. What if he develops his own vision of the future and it doesn’t mesh with hers?

And many, many years ago I was a huge Bryan Adams fan. So, now, anytime I hear “Everything I do, I do for you”, I cringe. To every writer out there, you need to retire the expression.

This morning, I discovered two cars in the parking lot of my apartment complex had their windows smashed. I’m assuming the car owners were dumb enough to leave something valuable in the cars. They were also dumb not to kick up a fuss about the light being out in their half of the carport for the past several months. Fortunately, my car was untouched. I guess the ice scraper and box of kleenex in plain site wasn’t very tempting. I left a message with on the complex's answering machine about what I found. I’m sure the car owners will be complaining tomorrow. And I tried to do my civic duty and call the police. After they transferred me to what I am sure was the wrong station, the person I spoke to told me the car owners had to call. Whatever. I tried.

Thank you to the anonymous person who gifted me with a heart! :)

And I’m sure there was something else I wanted to mention, but it’s escaping me.
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