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BSG Has Eaten My Brain

I just can't get Battlestar off the brain. If I'm not writing about it or reading about, I'm thinking about it. Specifically, I have three different fic ideas I'm contemplating, a vid idea, and a thing I set aside in December that I keep meaning to get back to and haven't. And I just don't know where to start!

Of course, instead of working on any of that today, I had an urge to watch the mini series. I still recall the first time I watched it I was rather 'meh' about it. I liked it enough to give the series a try, but it wasn't until 'Bastille Day' that I got sucked into the show. In the years since, the mini has grown on me. I enjoy it more each time I view it. But, today, watching it for the first time since seeing 'No Exit', it felt as if it was brand new to me. So many scenes have different meanings now. So many characters are gone - in one scene it hit me that three of the four characters were dead. Yet, I found myself smiling at so many moments. All the Lee and Laura scenes, of course, but even Lee and Kara. ;)

Oh, Gaeta. With his death being the most recent, his scenes hit me hard here. So cheerful and eager to please. And telling Adama how it's been an honor to serve with him the past three years.

I never noticed before that as Six walked through the Riverwalk Market, how much she was taking in - the flowers, the drinks, the people, all of it. I think she genuinely liked Caprica and humanity and was going to miss it all, but she believed she was doing God's work.

And one moment that has yet to be addressed and, surprisingly, I don't see many people discuss takes place at the end of Six and Baltar's walk. Just after Baltar parts from her, Six turns around to an unseen individual and says, "It's about time. I wondered when you'd get here." Could that person be Cavil? Now that we know he masterminded the attack, could he have been telling Six to do what she needed to do next? Or could he have been retrieving information from her?

I love the first meeting of Lee and Tyrol. You can tell Tyrol thinks Lee is a total ass. And I understand that from Tyrol's perspective. But knowing what we know about Lee's life and his relationship with his father, he has a right to be an ass when it comes to Adama.

Adama will not allow a networked computerized system on Galactica while he is in command...or until the ship threatens to fold in on itself and he has no other options but to let Tyrol coat it in Cylon goo. :)

I do still grate my teeth when Kara calls Lee, "Same old Lee", and goes off on him for not speaking to Adama. She's spent two years not telling either man the truth about Zak's death. Maybe Lee could have dealt with the grief and anger had he had all the facts.

As Adama makes his speech during the decommissioning ceremony, it struck me that maybe Adama was headed for a change in his life, but the attacks prevented it. "The day comes when you can't hide from the things you've done anymore", is as much about his culpability in Zak's death as it is about the first Cylon war. Lee confronting him again about Zak's death coupled with impending retirement meant Adama had the impetus and time to revisit the past, face some hard truths about himself, and perhaps admit to his mistakes and make amends. Unfortunately, only hours later he had a war to fight and humanity to save and so much for self-exploration.

At the same time, I was amused that during a speech that should have been about Galactica, he managed to make it ALL ABOUT HIM.

It still doesn't make sense that Boomer's raptor was unaffected by the Cylons when the entire viper squadron was disabled. At that point, the Cylons still needed her alive so I'll assume some sleeper programming allowed her to do something to the ship.

When Tyrol and Tigh went at each other over the deaths of the deck crew in the fire, all I could think was, "But you're buddies! You worked together! You went to the beach together!"

I've watched the Lee/Laura scenes more times than I can recall. "But Captain Apollo has such a nice ring to it, don't you think?" still gets me...every...single...time. But on this viewing I caught something which isn't very obvious as the camera focuses on Laura and Lee is almost out of frame. As she is being sworn in and says, "take the office of the president", Lee dips his head down and looks, not at her, but at the floor, his feet, anywhere else because he understands that, even under the best of circumstances, this is not something she wants and she's terrified at the burden she's about to take on.

After the Cylons discover their position and Lee knows they will be returning at any moment to destroy them, he tells Laura and the others they don't have time to stay and evacuate ships. They don't have the luxury of taking risks. And if they lose now, they lose everything. Isn't that the same argument he was trying to make at the beginning of Season 3? He didn't want to leave people to die on New Caprica, but Adama's plan to take the fleet back there meant it was potentially all or nothing and they couldn't risk it being nothing.

Laura informs Adama they'll never forgive him for lying about earth. She certainly got that one right.
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