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'Law & Order: UK' Preview

So how many 'Law & Order' fans do I have here? The reason I ask is any L&O: UK stuff I come across I'm primarily posting to jamiebambernews. But, if there is interest here, I can cross post. In the meantime, here is a preview for the premiere episode:

A larger version can be found here.

With the premiere just a week away (And the day after my birthday. Thank You ITV!) and seeing the ITV website and various advertising for the series, it finally hit me that Jamie is really on another show and, pretty soon, there will be no more Lee Adama. :(

ETA: On the off, off, off chance someone thinks I know something about the finale and Lee's fate, I don't. It's just a realization that a chapter of my fandom life is, in a sense, coming to an end. Canon will be closed and there will be no more new Lee to look forward to. Though, I'm sure Matt Devlin will be awesome in his own ways. ;)
I think I'd have watched this for the wigs, even if there were no Jamie! Hee! Plus I'm something of a L&O junkie, I must confess. And is that the woman from Doctor Who, as well? I just recognize her from icons...

pretty soon, there will be no more Lee Adama. :(

:( There will always be Lee Adama, though! Just maybe not new Lee Adama material.
Yep, that's Freema Agyeman (AKA Martha Jones) from Doctor Who. Fandoms are colliding!

I know Lee will always exist in my endless repeated viewings of BSG. But I discovered him as Lee and came to love him (in the non-creepy way) as Lee and it's just hitting me that that chapter of his life - and mine - is about to come to an end.

ETA: I just edited my post realizing while you know I wouldn't give any spoilers away, some casual readers might think I'm implying something about Lee's fate. I know nothing! :)

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i am a member of jamiebambernews but i'd love it if you'd talk about the show and jamie here as well! haven't seen a single episode of law and order in my life, btw, but cannot wait to see the UK version. kind of sad that the only bsg-actor who is doing anything interesting (to me) post-bsg is jamie. now if only mary (c)would get her pretty little ass on damages, my virtually non-existent tv-life would be made. alas...
Does Patty have a sister they haven't cast yet? And does Katie need a brother? ;)

I've watched quite a bit of L&O, though usually in repeats on the various cable stations. I've never been a big fan of SVU. I can deal with murder, but not week after week of rape cases involving women and children. L&O: UK is not going to be the same caliber as BSG, but I'm thrilled Jamie got such a high profile and quality gig to follow BSG. I was worried about SciFi Saturday films in my future.
I'm really looking forward to this and that trailer looks great! It also looks quite British-ised, which I'm pleased about as I actually like my little country! Hearing Jamie speak with an English accent is pleasantly strange and I also recognised some pretty big names in here - well, actually faces as I don't remember their names!

I only read Bamber News when you say you've posted something over there, so discussion of L&O:UK on your journal as well would be appreciated! :)
Oh my. I am steadfastly ignoring the approaching end of the Lee show, so it's good to have this to look forward to! This might be the first show I watch just for the sound of someone's voice. Nnnnnngghhhhhhhh.

(Was it you who pointed out he's pitching his voice lower in this? It's definitely growlier! Yum.)

...uh, that would be a "yeah, discuss L&O here too!" vote :D
Nope, it wasn't me that pointed out the pitch of his voice. Though, Lee's voice is a bit lower than his own. It seems to be something that happens when he alters his accent.

And there seems to be enough yes's to warrant discussion. ;)
Yes, discuss L&O:UK here. I was considering joining jamiebambernews just for the L&O discussion, but I don't love Jamie THAT much. But I would like to hear about L&O:UK :D

As for the fate of Lee Adama, I think EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE. So anything from there is up :P
I'm not even sure yet if there will be L&O: UK discussion at jamiebambernews. I've never initiated episode discussions for BSG there. And I'm wondering if the louk_mattdevlin community might open up a discussion thread. I'd hate to be redundant. I probably should email the admins and see what their plans are. But, yes, I plan on discussing the show here. :)

Jamie has died in so much of his previous work, I'm hoping Ron will spare me some grief.
I'm way behind and just watched the two-parter last night. May I just say "WOW!" I haven't read your posts on it (them?) yet, but I'm assuming you were wowed.

If not, I may cry.
I think we are talking about two different shows. L&O: UK doesn't premiere until next Monday on ITV. I'm actually going to have to see about acquiring the episodes because there are no immediate plans to air the show in the states (or Canada as far as I know).
We're totally talking about two different shows. Moof that I am, I forgot to mention that I was talking about BSG. *headesk*
Ah, that makes much more sense. I've loved every episode thus far in this half season. I'd probably favor 'The Oath' (Part 1) over 'Blood on the Scales' because it had me on the edge of my seat going, "OMG, OMG, OMG..."
I'm really going to have to get use to the wigs. Though, Witness for the Prosecution is one of my favorite movies. :)