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Putting the Journal Back in Journal

Since this thing is called Live Journal, I thought I may try treating it as such for a change and keep a record of what my life has been like the past couple of days. You won't need the sleeping pills tonight!


How did my weekend start? I realized at 4:00 that not only is next week a three day work week, but it's also the end of the month. Crap. Panic quickly ensues as I realize how much work I have to do. I also come to the conclusion that coming in on Saturday would help. :( I did end up staying until 6 to finish up on my filing. Unfortunately, this meant I'd miss going into chat after work yet again. :(

On the bright side, I did have a three way with reckleslinguist and writteninstars after I got home. Um, I probably should clarify that is a three way call. ;) It was the first time I had ever spoken to Ms Linguist. She sounded smart, sophisticated, and very mature. Yeah, shocked the Hell out of me too. We ended up talking about many things and people (yes, you should be worried). It was also decided that Ms Linguist would be accompanying us on our next get together. If she refuses, Xanax and rope may need to become involved.

Following our conversation, I watched Miss Match. I really enjoy that show. It's doomed.

At 10:00 I called my mother to tell her a couple things before I forgot. The conversation was supposed to last five minutes. An hour later....

At 11:00 went online to catch up on e-mail and LJ. Decided to participate in the latest Buffy meme. Usually I don't like to participate in these things, but I love to go against popular opinion (Buffy & Spike 4eva!!!).

I discovered around 12:00 that Robert Downey Jr. was going to be on Letterman. Thought "Well, this should be interesting" and it was. I give Dave a lot of credit. He grilled him on his past drug abuse and said what the vast majority of us have thought - that he never expected to see him alive again. Robert didn't seem thrilled with the line of questioning, but didn't refuse to answer any of the questions either. I plan on seeing Gothika next weekend. As screwed up as he may have been (still is?), I think he's a damn fine actor. It saddens me to think about how much of his career he's wasted.


Why, oh why, did I wake up at 7:45? After failing to get back to sleep, I dragged myself out of bed. Not being motivated to leave the apartment yet, I went online, again to check e-mail and LJ. (I swear I do occasionally visit other sites.) Am shocked to find people have responded to my meme. Let me say I'm always shocked to see people respond. Don't get me wrong, I know I have a good theory or observation once in awhile, it just always surprises me when others find them interesting. I don't usually respond to every response, but I felt compelled to in this case.

After checking out my friends list, I decided I had stalled long enough and got dressed to go into work. Grrrr. Let me note that I timed my arrival (Noon) to coincide with the pizza delivery. After perusing the net again (no, I'm not addicted) and eating my lunch, I finally settled down to work...on spreadsheets...could I be any more bored? Spent about three hours on them. I still have two more to finish, but I did feel as if I had accomplished something and am less stressed about next week.

At 4, the holiday shopping commenced. Woo and Hoo. Surprisingly, the stores were not too crowded. I also began to wonder when people stopped respecting personal space. On three separate occasions I thought someone was trying to steal my purse. And who's brilliant idea was it to make cargo pajama pants? Who exactly needs pockets while they are sleeping? Actually, don't answer that.

The good news is I actually found some gifts and could scratch names off my list. I had several people giving me fits. I was thinking of one in particular when I went..."Oh, pretty". Scratches _____ off.

Of course, I also got some things for myself. I sweater at Target, some new makeup, some baking supplies (I've decided to try a new recipe that I've created - prey for me), and the 'new' Beatles CD - Let It Be....Naked (no smart remarks Jonesie).

Unfortunately, Target didn't have the blank videotape I use and I needed one this weekend. I call my Mom (who is half way between Target and my apartment) to see if she has one I could have. She does. I swing by to pick it up. It should take 5 minutes. An hour and a half later.....

I realized it's almost 8 and I should be in Mir's chat. I got home around 8:30, dropped the bags on the floor, and fired up the computer. Had a lovely chat and said my 'Good Nights' around 9:30 so I could go get me some dinner. Of course, there is *nothing* to eat in my apartment. Seriously. I don't recall it ever being this bad. I was planning on go grocery shopping tonight, but, as usual, time got away from me and I was just to tired. Scraped together some cheese and crackers and then returned a phone message from my friend (No, not LJ Lynn, but one of the other two Lynn's I know).

Anyway, turns out he called just to tell me, in case I didn't know, that Oklahoma with Hugh would be on PBS here on Thursday. I informed him I knew, but thanks for the heads up. Actually, I told him he was the third person to inform me of the broadcast. He apologized for being repetitive, but I told him, no, I appreciate the thoughtfulness. I really love the idea that I have so many friends that know me that well and think about me. ::sniff, sniff::

So, that took me to about 10:15 at which time I took a shower, picked up a few things, and then decided to sit down and type this all up. Not sure what I will be doing tomorrow. Lynn and I have talked about seeing Elf, but I'm not sure if I'm up for it. I most definitely have to get groceries, then there is laundry and cleaning to get done. Plus, I want to test out my receipt and watch some DVD's. I figure there's always next weekend. For now, off to sleep.

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