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Last 'No Exit' Post (If only because there is a new episode tonight :)

This one is for you wickedgillie! The Televisionary was curious if last weeks BSG episode, 'No Exit', was a deliberate allusion to Sartre play 'No Exit'. He emailed co-writer Ryan Mottesheard to ask if he "intentionally selected the title in order to directly evoke Sartre's work" and the answer is...yes. Not really a surprise, but it's nice to have confirmation. I'm not going to comment on Ryan's comments, since existentialism is not something I'm well versed in.

And there is a meme going around:

Tell me five subjects/things you associate with me, and I'll make a post elaborating on them.

I'm not much for memes. And my first thought was with BSG to dissect and other projects on my plate, when would I find time to answer? My second thought was I could guess several subjects I would be asked about and is it even possible for me to elaborate anymore on them??? Knowing me, probably. :p So, what the heck, if you feel like asking me something, please do. But I likely won't have answers right away and may even spread them out over several days. Assuming anyone is actually curious about anything. ;)
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Vindication, baby!

::does snoopy dance::

And just for you sharing that extra bit of love, I'll tell you 5 things I associate with you:

Jamie Bamber

Sci Fi (the genre, not the network)

Classic cinema


Your home state
Oh my god. I just came back to read that article on televisionary. The writer was just happy to garner a mention on the wikipedia entry for No Exit--THAT I HELPED WRITE!

::flails and falls down dead::
yay for sartre! am glad they mentioned it, in the end. sometimes i wonder why ron doesn't talk more about this stuff in his podcasts. this wasn't the first time they write stuff that's inspired by some major philosopher. :/

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