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BSG: Deadlock

I thought this would be brief, but I seem to be incapable of a brief BSG post.

sabaceanbabe commented in her post that after seeing ‘Deadlock’, ‘Black Market’ and ‘The Woman King’ moved up a notch in her estimation. I can’t disagree with that assessment. Those two episodes are deeply flawed, but you understood what they were trying to convey. They just, unfortunately, failed in execution.

‘Deadlock’ not only failed to advance the arc and build on the momentum of the past several weeks, it lacked a point, or points, since numerous unconnected elements were being juggled. And whereas BM and TWK came during the middle of their respective seasons and we knew there was a lot more story to tell, ‘Deadlock’ is the sixth to the last episode ever and it’s hard to comprehend how they wasted their precious time and ours on this non-sensical, poorly characterized, melodramatic mess. I discovered Friday morning Jane Espenson had written the episode. I feared the worst and those fears were realized.

Where to begin?


The guy has totally lost it. Wandering around the ship looking for signs of change was bizarre, but the absolute nadir for me was getting Tigh off the wagon because he needed a drinking buddy. Bill, you are one selfish bastard. His self-absorption has led him to treat his son and adopted daughters like shit, but now it’s bled into his friendship. He could also be criticized for wandering the ship and drinking himself into oblivion when he should be spending time with his dying girlfriend. I console myself knowing that she is spending quality time with Lee.


I loved the death glare she gave Bill when he took out the flask. She obviously sees he’s an alcoholic. Part of me is disappointed she hasn’t done more to try and make him face his addiction. Part of me feels she has her own problems (dying, trying to help Lee put together a new government) and Adama’s ultimately responsible for his failings and recovery. If he’s given up what more can be done at this point?

Laura’s scene with Caprica seemed off. She apologized to Caprica for being assaulted. The woman who she knows triggered the apocalypse. If she was trying to manipulate her, she failed. If she had a sincere interest in the baby and it’s role in their future, I’m not sure where this is coming from. There’s been no indication she felt this child was special, like Hera, before now and she backs off when Caprica states the child is special simply because it’s her baby.

Lee/Laura moment! After Adama tells Ellen he’ll see what he can do about her seeing the others, Laura shoots Adama the ‘I’m very displeased look’. Then, turns to Lee and, with just her eyes and turn of head, signals him to follow her, but not before Lee shoots his father his own ‘Who are you look’. So in sync!


Tyrol’s vote to leave made no sense. He loves the Galactica as much as anyone. He became the Chief again. He’s been working his ass off to save the ship and, by extension, the fleet. And now he just wants to leave?


Did you all notice Bare McCreary sitting at the table behind her at the bar?

I was amused by her crack that seeing Tigh and Ellen kiss was like watching your parents makeout. I’ve read speculation about Kara being the child of Tigh and Ellen. Ellen established they tried for years to have a child and failed so that reveal would seem to negate the possibility. But, if Daniel is Kara’s father, then it was like watching her grandparents makeout. ;)


From last week’s podcast, Ron made it clear that he wanted Ellen to still be Ellen and not some radically different person now we know she’s one of the Five. But there were times they went too far to establish that. Ellen’s confrontation with Caprica, rubbing her face in the fact that she and Tigh had made love the day before, had me thinking, “The bitch is back”. And talking about Simon’s interest in the baby was a threat. For someone who was willing to forgive and embrace Cavil, her behavior here seemed extreme. But Jane, as danceswithwords mentioned last night, has a tendency to veer into melodrama when she has to deal with a serious subject on this show.

On the other hand, her anger and jealousy were very human emotions and perhaps it’s why we had to see Ellen in full woman scorned mode, pissed off that the man she loved moved on. But I still have a problem that this was the big issue for Ellen while Tigh poisoning her got one quick mention. That she can forgive, but falling in love again she can’t.


I’m not thrilled Tigh so quickly fell into Ellen’s arms (and lap). Or that he claimed to have thought of her every time he was with Caprica. But I accept he is torn between the love of his life (who he was married to for thousands of years) and the woman who helped him move on and is the mother of his child. Not to mention, emotionally, the man is weak.

What I loved, loved, LOVED, is that Ron Moore, bless him, established Tigh and Adama as the show’s OTP. I was floored by that scene. They went there. Everyone in Tigh’s life and, by Adama’s actions as well, everyone in his life, is second to the other man. Just, wow. We knew it. I suspected they knew it. But I hadn’t hoped that they would make it canon.

But did they push it too far? As Caprica is miscarrying and Ellen admits she lied in order to hurt him, Tigh states, “you wouldn’t think how it would hurt her if I let her go”. Not only are Tigh and Adama the OTP, but Tigh is willing to follow in Adama’s footsteps and abandon his son.


Baltar was probably the big WTF? in this episode. I’m deeply, deeply disappointed by his characterization. After ‘Blood on the Scales’ I thought we had seen a truly changed Gaius Baltar. He needed to go back to his people, even if it meant endangering his own life. He spent Gaeta’s final hours with him, faced with his culpability in Gaeta’s downfall. He stood there as the man was shot. But now we have the return of wacky, selfish, self-serving Baltar. Where has he been? He was on Galactica for Gaeta’s execution so has he been hiding out there or did he return to Lida’s bed? He’s petulant and worried about Paula’s rise as leader of the acolytes. They’ve turned to her for their physical survival as they abandon him as their spiritual leader - which leads to the sudden and unexplained return of Head Six. He needs an ally and someone to boost his ego.

I’m also wondering if Cavil has control of the head people? Is he using them to manipulate? It’s Head Six’s idea to arm the civilians. And I’m also having a Star Wars moment. Boomer and Ellen’s escape was rather easy. Did Cavil track the ship? Will his basestar be jumping in at any moment?

I’ve watched the scene between Baltar, Lee, Laura, and Adama three times now. Baltar’s argument makes some sense. The people have no representation, no voice. People are starving. They’re giving up. They’re losing hope. And it could lead to a revolution as the civilian population looks for a new order. But how does arming the people make any sense? How does it maintain order? How could Adama, Laura, and Lee go along with it right after a mutiny? Are the civilians supposed to be a police force?

Oh, and was that supposed to be Gaius Baltar Jr.? Gaius seemed to stop because he recognized the mother and the kid is about the right age to have been conceived before the attacks.


My hear broke for her losing the baby, but I don’t have much more to say. She was reduced to being the worried mother to be. She had very little agency over her future (it was up to Ellen if Tigh stayed with her or abandoned her and if she stayed on Galactica or left). And I can’t even be bothered to comment on the load of crap that love, having enough of it or having too little of it, can mean the life or death of a child. Just make the point that Hera is special because she is the product of a human and Cylon and that Cylons alone are not able to carry a child to term and thus the survival of both races depends upon the blending of them.

Random other stuff…

Wow. I missed on first viewing that a heavy raider was flying CAP with Kara and the other pilots.

Tory, quit causing trouble. You weren’t going to be the Queen bee before and certainly not now that Ellen is back. Just shut up or die already.

There was a nice parallel between Ellen’s arrival here and her arrival in ‘Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down’. I also suspect that was the reason for trying to introduce humor into this episode.

I know Lee had alluded previously to food being a concern, but I took that to mean someday, not now. I thought they had enough algae to sustain them for awhile?

Kat’s sleazy boyfriend is a gang leader. Color me shocked!

And where the hell were the marines? I would think they’d have at least a couple patrolling Dogsville. But armed thugs are free to roam Galactica? And did anyone else notice Laura no longer has a security contingent?

The moment of recognition between Boomer and Tyrol was nice, but then she disappeared until the end.

Ellen tells the Six and Eight that they are their (the Five’s) children. So, Ellen, Tigh, and Tyrol have all had sex with their kids. I wish they hadn’t pushed that envelope.

Sam starts to come out of the coma shortly after Liam dies. Coincidence?

The Cylons are placing photos of Cylons who died since the alliance on the memorial wall – a clear sign of a blended fleet. And they apparently have started giving colonial IDs to the Cylons.

Mo Ryan interviewed Jane Espenson this week. Her comments helped in some respects, but also added to confusion in other respects. And there is a cut that runs eleven minutes longer!

I do think Jane makes some valid points as to Ellen's change in behavior. And I may have been confused about Ellen's remarks about trying for years to have children. She could have been referring to their new life as opposed to their old life since Liam was to be named after Adama. But other comments left me going, huh?

Was the baby's distress and eventually his death brought about by the extreme stress that Caprica Six was under? Or was Liam's death an inevitability -- did he die because a Cylon-Cylon child was never going to be viable?

I like those questions. If you want to, you could add the question: "Did the baby die because Tigh, witnessing Ellen's gesture of sacrifice, fell in love with her all over again and deprived Six of his love in that moment?" And I'm sure there are other possible explanations, too.

So, we aren't going to get a clear answer as to why Caprica miscarried?

What had to be cut from "Deadlock"?

I'm watching it now -- as it's going past, I'm trying to recall this. Oh, there was a whole little runner about the possibility of bringing Centurions over to help keep order among the civilians. It was a very cool idea, but there was ultimately no room for it. And there was a big debate about whether Laura/Lee/Adama would allow the Final Five to reunite, with or without witnesses. And there was a really fun exchange between Tigh and Ellen about her poisoning in which she pretended to be furious about it. Tigh: I thought you know it was poison! You asked for the cup! Ellen: I was thirsty!

And proggrrl attended a Frak Party and saw a cut that ran eleven minutes longer. While I feel it may have dragged down the episode, Baltar's argument and Lee, Laura, and Adama agreeing to his request makes a lot more sense. Although, thinking of Lee and Laura advocating allowing Centurions to police the civilians, especially given what Laura witnessed on New Caprica, wow:

I had the priviledge this evening of watching a slightly longer rough cut at a frak party I attended tonight. And there was something really, really key that they had to cut for time (the rough was 11 minutes longer): there are not enough Marines left alive on the Galactica now to handle all required police & civilian duties.

At the beginning of the rough cut version, the Marines give up on the food distribution, sensing a riot. They abandon the food rations...immediately after they leave, the Sons of Aries show up, guns in hand, and take what is left. Also before the credit roll, Adama/Roslin/Lee are arguing about introducing Centurions into the Galactica to pick up the slack in security issues and policing the civvies on the ship. Adama refuses to allow it. At the end of the episode, Baltar's plea to Adama is longer -- he clearly wants his little cult-turned-militia to pick up guns in service of civilian policing and food redistribution. Use his cult, instead of Centurions.

The whole plot thread became that much clearer with this extra material, and gave greater depth to the internal struggle Adama must be going through as he watches his ship become "blended."

Why does Galen Tyrol want to leave the fleet? I thought the fact that he took his old job as Chief meant that he wanted to stay with the Galactica.

He took his job back because Adama asked him to. But he is increasingly distanced from his old life.

I thought he was trying to get his own life back. And with Boomer back on Galactica, although in the brig, he would have a reason to stay.

Is there a mythology reason why Head Six has been absent for so long, or why she happened to return at this exact moment? Or have a lot of Head Six (and/or Head Baltar) scenes been left on the cutting room floor for a while for more practical reasons?

There is not a mythology reason for it.


And, I hope you are sitting down for this, Universal has approached Glen Larson, whose only contribution to film or TV in the last decade has been the recently cancelled atrocity, Knight Rider, to write and produce a 'Battlestar Galactica' feature film. Yes, Universal is looking to relaunch the series, again, in the immediate future and it will have nothing to do with the current incarnation. I just have no words.
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  • SciFi Sunday

    Today was devoted to man's inhumanity to man...or aliens...or Cylons. This afternoon, I finally managed to get to the theatre to see District 9.…

  • 'Julie & Julia'

    This weekend I saw Julie & Julia which ranks as one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. Amy Adams will likely earn her third Oscar…

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