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Weekend Wrap Up

First of all, thanks to all for the birthday wishes and sweet_ali for the cupcake. ;) I'd love to report I had an exciting weekend, but that would be a lie. I actually didn't leave my apartment. Yesterday was bad weather coupled with a bad mood and today was largely spent dinking around with jamiebambernews. I finally completed a new banner, which I was excited about. What I was less excited about and very frustrated by was having to deal with coding. I'm going to have to get brave one of these days and experiment with a new style. Today was not to be that day.

I also made scalloped potatoes and ham using a new recipe. Overall, it was a success. I cut the potatoes a little too thin and liquid boiled over the edge of the dish so now I get to clean the oven, but I've had bigger disasters. I also made chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Yum. I get a treat at work tomorrow which my coworker forgot she was supposed to make until I casually mentioned on the phone I had made a dessert tonight. There was some freaking out after that. I wouldn't be upset if we waited another day, but you don't know some of the people I work with.

The Oscars! Let me start by saying, not enough Hugh. The opening number was rather cheesy, but he and Anne Hathaway were adorable together. I also had no idea her voice was that good! The rest of the show was OK. Nothing made me cringe. Some segments worked better than others. Tina Fey and Steve Martin were hilarious, but it took me a minute to realize Ben Stiller was mocking Joaquin Phoenix. The group performance of the best original songs was a mess. Peter Gabriel made the right call not to participate. No WTF? dresses, though leopard print is not Whoopi's friend. Speeches ranged from funny to touching. Overall, I'd probably give it a thumbs up. I felt the show tried to bring back old Hollywood and it seemed one of the classier and more sophisticated productions of recent memory.

I forgot to post earlier about the other two shows I watched on Friday.

Dollhouse: Stick a fork in me, I'm done. I might catch the eps on Hulu, but, honestly, I don't want to support Joss at all on this one. There's just too much I find repulsive about the show. If episode six is a major turning point, let me know, I'll consider giving it another try.

Even on second viewing, I found it odd that people would be opening up to strangers at a funeral as they were here. It just screamed plot device to me.

It seems the show may be going in the Sarah/Reese direction. I have no strong feelings either way on the relationship at the moment. I'm not sure it would be the best relationship for them because part of the attraction seems to be their connection to Kyle. But points to Derek for telling Sarah that maybe she should try letting him go.

And points to Cameron for picking up on Zoe and her mother not looking at Zoe's father's photo. She seems to have a better understanding of human emotion than Catherine does. Is that something John programmed her with or is it something she picked up on having spent more time with humans? And would it be something she would do herself if she lost John?

Catherine is using Ellison to gain insight into human emotion, for John Henry as well as herself. But does she simply want to emulate human emotion better to blend in or does she really want to understand it? She's trying to make some sort of connection with Savannah. Is it just in a quest for greater knowledge or is there more to it?

Poor Savannah. That kid is going to be a massively screwed up adult.

I loved Sarah stating that, yes, they are some sort of terrorist organization because, yeah, they really are. At least to anyone not them. And John pulling out the gun to threaten Zoe and her mother is a turning point for him. I know he wouldn't have actually hurt them, but for him to threaten them like that signals a dramatic change in his way of thinking.
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Hope your birthday was most fabulous! Hugh Jackman was a pretty nice present, I think.

I totally agree with the old Hollywood feel. Also, I really liked the past winners doing the nomination speeches. For the first time I think it lent credence to the whole "honor to just be nominated" statement.
I noticed several of the nominees seemed genuinely touched by the past winners talking about their performances. Though, Sophia Loren could have put in a little more effort.
Happy belated birthday!!!

I can't believe I managed to be late, I *know* you have the same birthday as my uncle. Sorry sorry sorry and virtual chocolates!
Happy birthday sweetie! Oh, and nice job on the new look for B_news! :D
On a completely random note, as I've not been around much lately:

Two page advert for L&O UK in the metro this morning, and it's one of their tv highlights for the day. The blurb they've given is:

Law & Order: UK ITV1 Wales, 9pm
Like we need another police procedural on telly; still, here we are with a spin-off of the Emmy-winning American series transferred to London's East End and, thanks to strong acting and good pacing, it's not bad at all. On th elaw side is Corrie's Bradley Walks as 'East End copper's copper' Ronnie Brooks and dishy Jamie Bamber as his partner; among those supplying the CPS order is Dr Who's Freema Agyeman. Episode one sees them on the case of a baby that has been found gassed to death.

So, barrel of laughs from the first episode, but at least the reviewer thinks Jamie's "dishy." I don't know where you stand on newspapers, but if you want either the advert or the review, let me know and I'll post them over. There's a decent chance there'll be a review of L&O:UK in tomorrow's "What Keith Watson Saw Last Night."

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I was thinking of PMing you to see what's up because you've been so scarce lately. I hope it's just general life business and nothing more serious.

It would be great if you could send me any articles, reviews, etc you stumble across. But no rush in sending them. If you want to just include them with the issue of Wired that would be fine. Thanks! :)
For weeks lj has advertised your upcoming b-day and I still forget it? Can I blame it on baby? Happy birthday!!
I have no idea what day or time it is over there, but in any event, happy birthday! :-)


Ack, I missed your birthday!!! :(

Hugh Jackman was so classy, and it's always a joy to hear him sing. You could really tell he was enjoying himself, and his stint with Anne Hathaway as Nixon/Frost OTP was fantastic! Now, I actually got the Joaquin Phoenix joke the second I saw Ben and I laughed so frakkin hard I fell off of my chair! He seriously stole the show, and kudos to Nathalie for keeping it together and being all serious about cinematography despite half the audience practically peeing their pants with laughter.

My only beef with the Oscars is that WALL-E didn't win nearly as much shit as it should have. Yeah, it was an acknowledgment that it got into the best original screenplay category at all, but damnit I was pissed when it lost for best score and best song. As someone with children who has seen the movie easily 87x since it came out on dvd, I can attest to the fact that the music was powerful stuff. Damn you, Slumdog! A pox on all your houses!

Dollhouse was *that* bad on Friday? Good thing I haven't made time to watch it yet!
I loved the Nixon/Frost bit! Those two had real chemistry. Hugh and Anne, not Nixon and Frost. ;) Hugh might be making a film version of 'Carousel' and now I would love to see Anne in it with him.

I still think WALL-E was the best picture of the year AND the best love story. At least they acknowledged that part of the film!

To quote danceswithwords on Friday, "If I want to watch torture porn I'll rent 'Saw'." I'm not sure it was quite that bad because I've had the misfortune of seeing a film that fits that category and it made me ill, but 'Dollhouse' alternately made me angry because Joss created such a mess and bored because I just don't give a frak about any of the characters.
Happy belated, honey! Hope you don't feel too old and decrepit (like mari). ;)
Damn, knew there was something I meant to do yesterday and I forgot, so a belated Happy Birthday to you! *hugs*
Happy belated birthday!

I loved Sarah stating that, yes, they are some sort of terrorist organization because, yeah, they really are. At least to anyone not them.

They totally are. And I think you're right and it's going to have lasting consequences for John.

Hard to be the savior of humanity when you're so alienated from it.

And yeah, Dollhouse is YUCK.
Thanks. :)

A lot of words with "uck" in them could be applied to Dollhouse. ;)
Happy (belated) Birthday!

Everytime I watch Resident Evil, I think of you!
I didn't get online yesterday, so I will say Happy Belated Birthday :) I know seeing Hugh was a lovely present. I agree with you, there wasn't enough of him. He was charming, and simply delightful. I loved the opening with Anne Hathaway, and she revealed yet another talent. I'd love to see her on Broadway in a musical.
Well, Hugh might be filming 'Carousal' and given Anne's surprising performance (was it Shirley MacLaine who went off script to compliment her?) I think she should be considered for a role. They had such great chemistry even in that brief amount of time!
Happy belated b-day :)

Dollhouse yeah. It's entertaining to a degree, but the premise is Deeply Creepy and I can't watch it either. If it turns around, maybe I'll give it another go.
Thanks. And, yeah, I might return to the Dollhouse, but it has to do a 180 in quality.
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Happy belated b-day, dear Asta!

I just saw pics of Jamie from L&O. [THUD] I'm still recovering. I may just have to catch this one for him alone (otherwise I'm not a fan of the show and its various incarnations).