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Leverage is the perfect show to watch after metaing BSG. Unfortunately, I just watched the last episode of the season. :/

That was an AWESOME episode. I couldn't even spot a hole in the plan! It was funny and poignant! Two conceits that are hard to combine. I even got a little verklempt as Nate recalled his son's death and how he still isn't able to look at himself in the mirror. And Maggie having no knowledge of the insurance claim being denied now makes sense. She wasn't even aware of the treatment. I wouldn't want to see Maggie become a permanent member of the team, but I enjoyed seeing her work with the others and I suspect that Nate telling Maggie the truth, confronting part of his past, and sharing his pain with her might be his first step towards recovery.

Christian Kane, at last, may have found the perfect role and it's a surprisingly complex one. Eliot started out as the muscle, but we've come to learn he has depth. He's extremely loyal and, because of that, he can be hurt. He took Sophie's betrayal harder than any of the others. It's as if they suspected one of them might turn on the group, but it never occurred to Eliot. When he committed to the team, he fully committed, and never looked at his own self interests. But he's not beyond forgiveness and he was willing to forgive Sophie, but not until she offered a damn apology.

I also loved Eliot's scenes with Maggie. He obviously was pleased by what appeared to be a genuine interest in him (well, his cover). He fixed his hair for her! And I really appreciate how the show has consistanty used his hair as a plot point. :) My favorite Eliot moment had to be his delivery of, "I feel so used." (But an even bigger HEE! to Hardison and Parker's reactions to Maggie's critique of Nate in bed.)

Not only has Parker grown on me, I really, really like her now. How adorable was she stroking Maggie's hair and telling her how cute she was? And, at the end, her comment to Hardison about looking for her revealed that she isn't oblivious to his feelings for her. She's been taking baby steps all season to learn how to interact with people, to trust people, and to have friends. I'm sure the thought of a romantic relationship right now terrifies her, but at least Hardison knows, someday, he has a shot.

I thought the plan came together beautifully. I knew Eliot wouldn't be sloppy enough to use his own cellphone to call Maggie and that it had to be part of the plan. What I didn't consider was that the Davids were not the intended target. And I've seen The Thomas Crown Affair several times!

I'm wondering when it will occur to Sterling that Nate's plan wasn't just contingent on him being an ass, but Nate knowing exactly how he thinks. He may end up keeping his job, but he was still key to an epic security breach.

The series has had an uneven first season, but it ended on a terrific finale and I'm eager for it to return this summer.
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