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Image from 'Islanded in a Stream of Stars'

When I check to see if the podcast is up, I always start with the main page of Battlestar Galactica site. If you visit the site weekly, you know that the change the photo on the main page every week to an image from the upcoming episode. This week they are using an image of Lee. Normally, I wouldn't point this out, but something struck me about the photo that I wanted to talk about it. Now, I know some people are refraining from finding out any information about the upcoming episodes, including skipping the promos, so I'll put the photo and my thoughts under the cut.

Lee -IiaSoS

Ok, yeah, even I have to admit his hair looks unruly in this photo. That's not why I'm posting. Looking at where he's at, on the hanger deck, the pilots in dress greys behind him, and the expression on his face...I'm thinking he's kneeling over Laura's coffin. And even though I knew this was coming, we all know this was coming, the thought of Laura gone is gutting me. This time, there is no miracle cure.

Laura looked incredibly weak during 'Someone to Watch Over Me' and was unconscious at the end of the episode. I don't believe Ron would have Laura die off camera and I also don't believe he would hold off her death until the very end. Maybe Lee is looking down at someone or something else, but there aren't that many possibilities left that would leave Lee with that expression on his face. Kara or Adama are the only other two I can think of and I really doubt they'd die, at least not with three hours of BSG left. I just have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of crying on Friday, but I hope I'm wrong.
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