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Leonard Nimoy Coming to DragonCon

I was just doing my daily periodic check of the guest list and I about fell out of my chair. My guess is the Trek panels won't be relegated to the Sheraton this year.
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I'm wondering if they are trying to round up cast members from the 'Trek' film. Could be interesting!
Strangely enough, I've seen Nimoy at a Con before. When I was in college I went to a Star Trek con and he was the guest of honor, and in fact the only guest I can remember, and the weirdest thing was how tiny a con it was. Like, there was a dealer's room and one conference room, probably not even a third as big as the new ballroom at the Marriott. I have a feeling this will be a little bigger.;)
I've seen his name pop up for smaller cons and I think he's appeared at Comic Con, but it just strikes me as odd he'd appear at DC. I can imagine with the new 'Trek' film they are pushing to get cast members this year. I just hope we don't have that weirdness we did with the 'Heroes' actors.