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'Watchman'....Or Don't

I just got back a short time ago from seeing a special screening of Watchman. Thanks to raislak I didn't have to pay to see it. Yeah, that comment should be something of a giveaway as to how I felt. I haven't read the comic/graphic novel on which the film was based, but having spoken to people after the film who had, they seemed less happy with the film than I did. Too say it's not quite as bad as I feared it might be given some recent buzz I read isn't saying much. The only two characters I liked were The Comedian and Rorschach, an asshole and a sociopath, respectively. Credit for that should be given to the character's portrayers, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Jackie Earle Haley. Apparently, if you have three names you're good. Everyone with two names, not so much. Billy Cudrup, who I've never been particularly impressed with, was horribly miscast in the pivotal role of Dr. Manhattan. Matthew Goode also fell flat as Ozymandias, but having seen him give some good performances in other films, perhaps the director, Zack Snyder, should share blame.

Other faults of the film included it running about a half an hour too long and, yet, at least one subplot seemed forgotten. It has some of the worst aging makeup I've seen in a big budget film in recent years (the digital medium is not forgiving to latex). The song selection was terrible and obtrusive, including the inexplicable use of '99 Luftballons' and 'Hallelujah' utilized in such a way that I'm trying to determine if it was just laughably bad or offensive. And considering I haven't read the source material, I probably shouldn't have figured out how the movie would end in the first ten minutes.

Oh, and if you have a weak stomach, be prepared. Gore doesn't usually bother me, but I had to avert my eyes a couple of times. You know what, just skip the film. ;)

And I had some random links that I wanted to share:

'The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and 'Dollhouse' are getting a DVR boost. The series are showing 36% and 30% ratings gains in live +7 day viewing. Now the question is, does this matter to FOX?

Speaking of FOX, Nikki Finke is reporting actor activists are picketing FOX tomorrow. Why FOX? Peter Chernin, CEO of Fox, has stated that there will be no reruns on Fox network and all programs will go directly to streaming on the Internet, eliminating our residuals and contributions to health coverage and pensions, This made me think if the lack of repeats we are seeing on the networks. On the other hand, many shows get replayed, sometimes less than a week later, on the networks sister stations. House, for instance, gets repeated on USA. So, I'm not sure how much cheating is going on by the networks, but I'm not more suspicious.

Bryan Fuller wants to relaunch 'Star Trek' on TV. Better him than J.J.!
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