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Random TV Thoughts AKA Killing Time Until Tonight's BSG

I still haven't watched this week's Law & Order: UK. I'm a bad Jamie fan! In my defense I wasn't home Monday or Tuesday night, Wednesday night I was exhausted for some unknown reason and pretty much dozed on the couch until it was time to go to bed, and last night there was other TV to watch. At this point, I'm considering saving it until tomorrow so I'll have something lighter to watch after what I am sure will be another emotionally draining episode of BSG.

I'm coming close to breaking up with Chuck. If Season 3 is going to involve watching Chuck and Sarah run around in relationship circles than I'll have no issue with NBC axing it. I really shouldn't be surprised by the turn the show has taken. After all, Josh Schwartz seemed to think people actually cared about Ryan and Marissa.

For fifty-five minutes, the writers gave us a pretty good episode. None of the characters annoyed me and I thought we had a potential game changer and character growth for House when he found a way to live pain free. But then we got beaten over the head (again) with House declaring he can't be an awesome doctor unless he's in constant agony. Apparently the pain and the resulting assholish behavior is the only way he can do his job to his satisfaction. I call bullshit. Maybe he shouldn't have listened to the parents, but now he knows not to do it next time. I just can't fathom anyone choosing a life constant pain because there is a very slim chance there may be a time you won't follow your gut instinct.

I never thought I'd say this about this show, but they've hit the reset button so many times I'm considering hitting the off button.

So, just when Victor gets interesting (as well as his relationship with Michael - could it have been any slashier?), they kill him. Sigh. Carla's death, assuming she is dead since one of her people was still applying pressure to her gunshot wound when we last saw her, I was fine with. As much as I love Tricia, her character never developed beyond being this murky figure who pops up every once in awhile to threaten Michael. And now I question Martin Crane'sManagement's logic of recruiting people by stripping them of everything. Carla wielded the resources she acquired as part of this black ops outfit to get even with those who burned her. Victor was doing the same. Did they think Michael would be any different?

I like that Madelaine and Michael have grown closer, to the point she is very aware of the dangers he encounters on an almost daily basis. So if Sam shows up and tells her they have to leave NOW, why the hell would she pitch a fit, plop down on the couch, and demand answers before going anywhere? I fear this was a case of the writers writing her to fit the story rather than concerning themselves with characterization that makes sense.

To any Leverage fans living in or around Portland, be on the look out for Tim Hutton, Christian Kane, and the rest of the cast - Season 2 is being filmed in your city.

Mark Verheiden posted his regular Friday, This Week On BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.... he doesn't post anything spoilery, but I'll put his synopsis and my thoughts (in parenthesis) under a cut.

Islanded In A Stream Of Stars... written by Michael Taylor (OK), directed by Edward James Olmos (Oh, Crap), we're coming to the close (::weeps::), my friends (If this is the way you writers treat your friends...). Galactica's feeling poorly (understatement), Athena's a tad cranky after Boomer went bye-bye with Hera (Woo! Fallout! You better be wearing a cup, Helo.), booze (Frak), intrigue (???), just another day on the Battlestar! (Sadly, true)

After this episode, we're into the three hour finale. Will the rag-tag fleet finally find peace on the casino planet? (Wait, things went horribly wrong on the casino planet in the original series.) Will Boxey make his epic return? (I wouldn't put it past Ron.) Did Gaeta survive the firing squad? (He's joking right?) None of these answers and more are coming... (Heh)

And, finally, sabaceanbabe put together an AWESOME and very funny Lee/Laura vidlet for my birthday, 'Tell the Girl'. Take a minute out of your lives and check it out. ;-)
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