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I finally had to admit to myself that until BSG ends it's run, I will not be able to give deep thoughts to any other series. This mostly affects my posting on TSCC which I feel deserves meta, but I just don't have the energy for it right now. However, a few brief thoughts.


So, Riley is finally dead. I assumed either she or Jesse would be killed off. I still don't think Jesse is safe, but she'll be with us awhile longer. When the time comes, my bet is Derek will be the one to kill her.

I am glad to see he is sensing something is up with her. Not only was she being evasive about the date of her judgment day, she was criticizing his relationship with John and Sarah. Really not a smart move to bad mouth the woman Kyle loved and his son considering how close Derek was to his brother.

I can't say I'm sorry to see Riley gone, the character never developed beyond a plot device, but her discovery that she was being set up to be killed did make me feel for her. She was taken from one horror story and thrown into another. And while Jesse always struck me as cold, I didn't think she was that cold.

I doubt Cameron killed that second bird (And, if she did, isn't that how sociopaths start out? Killing small animals?), but I understand John's reaction. Especially since Cameron believes she is incapable of being fixed. They can keep troubleshooting and rewiring and swapping out parts, but, like any computer, one day in just doesn't work anymore.

It's interesting that Cameron only creates one kill switch - or button in this case. Shouldn't Sarah and Derek also have the capability to destroy her if the need arises? Or does she know they would air on the side of caution if they had any doubts? It might be too human of Cameron, but I believe she wants to live. But she also doesn't want to defeat her mission, have John to die, and allow the apocalypse to happen.

And I FINALLY watched the most recent episode of Law & Order: UK:


By the second episode I thought I'd be past being distracted by how awesome Jamie looks. I was wrong. And, this week, in addition to the pretty, we had flirting! First with the former gang member and then with Alesha. I don't wish to ship Matt with anyone, but I fully support seeing him shamelessly flirt every week. Jamie is just so adorable doing it.

And I really, really appreciate getting to see a different side to Jamie. L&O isn't really lighter material, but it's given him the opportunity to show facets of personality we haven't seen with his other characters. While we've seen Lee Adama be a dork on occasion and Archie Kennedy laugh a few times, both those characters were in the midst of fighting a war and hoping to live to see another day. Matt obviously has baggage, but his life isn't in constant jeopardy and he has the time to crack some jokes and miss an easy three pointer. ;)

I support introducing backstory on the characters, but I wish, at this stage, they had hinted at Matt's abuse as a child rather than have him make a direct statement about it. I liked Matt's comment to the teacher about children wearing baggy clothes to cover up abuse. It was subtle and you just knew he was talking from experience. So, later, stating to Ronnie that he's close to the case because of what he went through as a child felt heavy handed to me, in the sense that the writers weren't giving the audience enough credit to know he was sharing a personal revelation earlier.

The pacing of the episode seemed much better than the premiere. Not only was I able to follow the investigation at all stages, I could understand what they were saying. :) But I do feel that the writing on the 'Order' side needs to be stronger. In the U.S. version there is some suspense as the trial unfolds and, here, it seemed clear what was going to happen as soon as the trial began.

And what happened to the wigs??? Are they optional? Or after viewing the pilot did the studio say, 'Lose them. We'll never sell this to an American audience otherwise.' ;)
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