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Hopefully, ABC Treats Nathan Fillion Better

Just a quick reminder that after months and months...and months...of waiting, Castle premieres tonight at 10:00pm est on ABC. Technically, it premieres at 10:02 because two hours of 'Dancing with the Stars' just isn't enough!
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Thanks for the reminder! I'm going to try to remember to set the TiVO when I get home, since there's no way I'll be able to watch it live. ( Sorry, Nathan!)
On most days, probably. But on Monday nights when I have a 9pm conference call and then have to be on the train by 6:30am to make an early meeting? Most definitely.
Pfft. I was totally functioning on three and a half hours sleep today. And didn't take off the head of a single person!
I don't have a good feeling about this show. I want it to be good! But I'm concerned.
Quick thoughts. Nathan was, of course, great. I liked the girl playing his daughter. The mother was too much of a wacky stereotype. The premise was....OK. Some of it was far-fetched, some of it cliched. And Kate was 'eh'. Maybe she'll loosen up a bit as the series progresses.
Thanks for the heads up.

Also he is stellar in the latest Wonder Woman animated DVD released last Tues. He is Steve Trevor to Kerri Russell's WW.
Yeah but this time with a better story... IMHO

Watchet Castle.. though I've only seen one ep, isn't this Bones?
Looks Lighthearted. I'll give it a shot because of Nathan :)
Nathan is to Castle what Simon Baker is to The Mentalist. In other words, without them there wouldn't be a show. ;)
I was entertained enough by it and will definitely continue to watch it. I compare it to The Mentalist because without their stars they would be very generic shows which I doubt anyone would care about. I could see Castle becoming a hit, but I could also see people feeling there are enough other shows like it so why bother? We shall see.
He's pretty much a pale immitation of David Duchovny though. Of course, the writers behind his show are evil creeps, so I have more hope for Castle.