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Battlestar Galactica TV Guide Spectacular

Thanks to Mo Ryan at The Tribune for the heads up. The TV Guide hitting newstands Thursday looks to be pretty much all about the end of 'Battlestar Galactica'. There will be two covers - one featuring Eddie and Mary and the other featuring James, Tricia, and Katee.

Mo's included some quotes from cast that appear in the article(s) in her write up. I'm not sure if what Jamie said constitutes a spoiler or not. Hmmmm....
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I would call that a small spoiler although I expected that. I'm looking forward to it.

That also explains some...other stuff we have seen.
I am absolutely looking forward to this although I'm going to hate it when it's over.
I'm torn as well. I'm pleased that the show is ending on it's own terms and we won't be left hanging, but it's hard to believe there's only three hours left. (I'm not really counting 'The Plan' as a continuation since it's a fill-in-the-blanks film.)
I don't know - it's all so vague it's kind of impossible to infer much from it. Probably a small spoiler to be on the safe side, but...while I love reading it because I'll read anything, I really didn't feel like it actually told me, well, anything...
See, I think it's pinging as potentially spoilery (though very vaguely spoilery) because of certain images we've seen that were taken on set when they were filming the finale. But, I'm still at a loss as to HOW it fits in with the finale.
I agree - it's only pinging me as spoilery because of those behind the scenes pics we saw months back. Otherwise, this would be pretty vague to me I think. I wouldn't think it wasn't more than a conversation.

Er, feel free to delete this if it seems too spoiler. I am so paranoid these days.
I love this conversation. I think I know what you're all alluding to but really, I'm not even sure. XD
Hee! Yeah, it is amusing that we all think we know what everyone is talking about without actually saying anything specific. And then there was that thing on imdb and I now I'm wondering if that is tied into the thing Jamie may or may not be alluding to which could play out several different ways. ;-)
I'm paranoid too! Hence me putting a (possible) spoiler warning up. Yeah, it's not like he gives away any plot points, but it sort of kind of hints at a direction they might be doing in the finale and obviously gets us to thinking. Oh, Jamie, you're such a tease! ;)