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Five More Days

For the three people who don't know, Katee Sackhoff, at a post episode Q&A Friday night, spoiled the finale. I don't know what she was thinking. My Friends list has been pretty darn good about keeping whatever she said to themselves and those interested in discussing the spoilage. I'm trying my damnedest to stay unspoiled until Friday. Though, I will admit I do know one thing about the finale, but that was something I found out last summer.

Speaking of BSG, Entertainment Weekly posted a history of Battlestar from the original series, through Bryan Singer's reimagining, to Ron Moore's. reposted EW's article so you don't have to click through a dozen screens to read it all.

So, I think most of you are aware of my fascination with Narcho. Well, his portrayer, Sebastian Spence, has been working on a half hour comedy, Sophie, the past couple years up in Canada. ABC Family has bought the U.S. rights and it will air next Monday, March 23rd, at 9:30pm est. If it's any good it will give me something to watch while I'm waiting to acquire that show featuring that actor I kind of like. ;)

'Castle' already has a DVD release date, September 22nd. Well, at least ABC waited to announce the news until after the premiere. :p

You know, just when I think my opinion of George Lucas can't get any lower, I discover it can. How George Lucas Almost Made Indiana Jones a Sex Offender. If you think the title of the article is misleading, it's not. A transcript of a conference between George, Steven Spielberg, and Lawrence Kasdan is available for download and Cinematical felt compelled to bring one part of their hashing out of ideas to light. I'm at a loss as to what the hell runs through this mans mind.

I watched Kings this evening. It's an ambitious project, perhaps too ambitious. I felt I was watching four different stories at once. Is it a parable? A commentary on modern America? A political thriller? A Shakespearean tragedy? The actors were good. Eammon Walker, who I really liked on Oz, was a standout for me. Ian McShane could take it down a notch. But, for the most part, the characters left me cold. And, the king's condemnation of his son's homosexuality rubbed me the wrong way. Couldn't Jack be a bitter disappointment to him for other reasons? Or is this meant to show his hypocricy? He makes his son feel ashamed for liking men, yet he's running off to be with his mistress and other family. It's certainly not a bad show, but I don't see myself caring about it.
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