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I Need Icons

Yeah, I need icons mocking SciFi/SyFy and supporting Castle. If anyone sees anything, let me know! :)

SciFi seems to be testing the theory that there is no such thing as bad press. Has anyone seen a single positive report about SciFi's rebranding? The mocking seems to cover the media spectrume from blogs to entertainment sites to mainstream news organizations.

Cinematical feels we would be hard pressed to find a scheme more desperate, more clueless, or more laughable than Sci Fi Channel's new idea to fix what ain't broke. The article succinctly covers all the reasons why SciFi's decision makes NO SENSE. They actually saw their ratings and ad revenue grow in the fourth quarter.

Den of Geek has a hilarious piece unveiling SyFy's new lineup. I stopped laughing when I realized there was a high probability of a SciFi/SyFy exec seeing the list of shows and pitching them for next season.

I watched Castle last night and found it a much stronger episode than the premiere.

"I got the plot of my first novel watching 'One Life to Live'."

Hee! I'm sure there were many people watching that thought that was just a plug for one of ABC's soaps, but if you know Nathan got his start on OLTL, it's a very funny line. My second favorite line would have to be, "My lifeless remains can't sue the city."

While I still find the premise creaky - wouldn't the police have to inform suspects that a novelist is sitting in on questionings? - the show is a lot of fun, largely due to Nathan's Rick. But the show has also decided to tone down some of the wacky and reveal that under the jovial demeanor there is pain. Rick may have been joking about the nannies who helped raise him, but you could sense there was lingering bitterness about being left in the care of women who didn't care while his mother was too wrapped up her own life to notice. To his credit, he wants to, with his own child, avoid the mistakes his mother made.

I mentioned last week I felt Rick was the primary caregiver and there was a story there. It seems, with his first marriage, he married a woman very much like his mother - an actress who put her career ahead of family. Rick chose to be a stay-at-home dad, not just for Alexis's sake, but for his own. He's certainly not a perfect father and I'm sure he feels he's made mistakes, but he doesn't seem to have regrets when it comes to Alexis. He certainly did the best he could and it's clear she knows her father loves her and is there for her if she needs him. And maybe she's such a responsible teenager because responsibility is something she learned from her father.

Kate is still leaving me a bit cold, though I appreciate we got some hints to her backstory as well. It seems she's been hurt in the past. She helped Chloe by telling her she knows how she feels. Earlier in the episode, she mentioned understanding the pain of loss. And while whatever happened hasn't soured her on the idea of marriage, she needs to be absolutely sure whoever she marries is The One.

So, I'm adding Castle to the group that also includes The Mentalist and Leverage. Fun shows with appealing stars and some surprisingly strong character development - just don't look too closely at the plots. ;)
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