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Podcast for 'Islanded in a Stream of Stars'

The podcast for 'Islanded in a Stream of Stars' is up, but I'm putting off listening to it and any others until after the finale. beccatoria just gave me the heads up that it contains a spoiler for the finale. Or, more precisely, it spoils something that won't be in the finale. So, expect snarky recaps starting next week. :)
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Yeah, I heard about that. Stupid stupid RDM. I swear I'm going to go find his house and throw rotten vegetables once this is over.
That's a waste of perfectly good composting material. And toilet paper is much harder to clean up. ;)
It is kind of sad that it'll be your last set of podcast recaps. I always look forward to your Ron-focused vitriol!
Hee. Well, it might not be my last set of recaps. Some podcasts from Season 4.0 were never posted, but are on the DVDs. And, who knows, maybe Caprica will inspire me to put myself through the agony all over again.
Hi Asta77,
first comment, long-time fan of yours. I just popped in to say that Ron Moore actually *wants* us to know about the spoiler he spilled in the podcast. That's not necessary a good thing, but he told the infos with good intention.
Re: podcast
Hey, thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

I was perplexed as to why Ron would give away a spoiler, so thanks for clearing that up. And it probably wouldn't bother me to know what he said since I don't really have any expectations for the finale. I know others want the series to end in a certain way, but I've never had any wishes...well, except for maybe Lee to survive. ;) Still, I'll wait until next week to tackle the podcasts. It's not like I'll have to worry about a backlog any longer. :(