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And I'm Still Spoiler Free

Today was a day at work, in the last 24 hours I've actually had my fair share of good things happening.
  • My Tiny Blue Computer! It's so cute and speedy. And I worked on it for almost seven hours over a two day period and I'm still waiting for the battery to drain to fully recharge it. And it makes the screen on my 15" laptop look so big! Bonus!

  • All by my lonesome I figured out how to transfer all my bookmarks so both my browsers match. Woo!

  • I'm very excited by an email I received today. That's all I'm saying about that for the moment.

  • Season 1 of Stargate is on Hulu! Accept they seem to not be aware that 'Children of the Gods' is two parts. And I forgot how bad the majority of the episodes were in Season 1.

  • [info]beccatoria and I have been bouncing ideas off of each other and she really likes my long gestating Lee/Laura fic idea. This is one time I think procrastinating may have worked to my advantage.

  • My president is very cool. Not only was he on Good Morning America sharing his March Madness picks, but he's going to be on The Tonight Show tomorrow night. While I can't stand Leno, I'll tune in to see history yet again as a sitting president appears on a talk show.

I still haven't watched this weeks L&O:UK. What is wrong with me??? I did watch Life which seems to be reverting to it's early season badness. The characters are again unrecognizable and I can't take the new partner seriously. It's as if they read a book on cliches and decided it was a good idea to use all of them.

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