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Damn You, Joss!

So, I just saw this SPOILER for Friday's supposedly awesome episode of Dollhouse looks like I have to watch. Grrrrrr. Though, I won't be watching until the weekend because there's a sort of big finale airing opposite it. ;p

The LA Times has short interview with Michael Hogan and Kate Vernon who I did not think I could love more. (No spoilers beyond what has aired.)

Michael: "There seems to be this hidden supply of booze and cigarettes aboard Battlestar Galactica. We're totally out of food, we're on the run, but still we have booze."

And Kate's response to SciFi Channel changing its name to SyFy in hopes of appealing to a less geeky demographic: she scoffed. "It never even occurred to me that we were shooting a science-fiction show," she said. "Never. It's always been just good drama."
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I'm surprised that's the first you saw of that spoiler. His agent and website confirmed it almost around the time the first ep of Dhouse aired, i thin.

Love the guy and yet, I just cannot. I've gone from not caring much to actively wanting to see it fail. I'm awful. Especially b/c the moment I really want to see something fail, it goes on forever and ever and ever. Or at least 3 seasons *cough*VM*cough*
I heard he'd be appearing on the series at some point, but I didn't know he was going to be cast as Alpha. Because I'm not able to envision him in the role it makes me curious to see him in the role. And you should see some of the crap I've sat through for Jamie. ;) But, if I loathe this episode as much as the others I've seen, I'm done. I can only take so much!
[Spoiler] did a fantastically chilling job of playing a pedophile on CSI, so I think he could be really creepy. That said, I'm with sweet_ali in having gone from indifference to active hostility toward the show in two short episodes, and not even that can get me back. I'll be interested to read reactions.
I tuned into that CSI episode for him. :) He can certainly handle a darker role, it's just outside the norm for him and rare enough that I'll give the show One More Try. Have I mentioned I watched TWO crappy horror films for Jamie?
See, the Kate Vernon quote pisses me off too, because the two things *are not mutually exclusive*. Goddamn, people.
I think her point was they are insulting their audience and taking a limited view of their own programming. Of course, seeing her at DC and discovering how articulate and gracious she is makes me put a positive spin on her comments. :)

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I...don't see how you can get that out of her statement, but I also am still not operating at 100%, so I bow out of the discussion. :)
I hadn't heard that he was going to be in this Friday's ep, but that's just me checking IMDB and seeing that he's not listed until ep 12.
They were probably trying to keep it a surprise. They should know better. In this day and age the news ALWAYS gets out.
Yeah they should know better. Then again I didn't even remember seeing Victor in the promo pictures and when they showed him in the Dollhouse I was all OMG! So maybe they hope our memory retention isn't what it should be, what with our short attention spans.
I dont know why you hate it so much. It's SO not hateworthy. It's not OMG!Awesomesauce! but I didn't think it was awful. Ok, maybe the pilot was awful...but I feel like the eps have gotten progressively better even tho I still hate Topher. Sometimes I feel like because it's Joss, if it doesn't immediately live up to expectations, it's crap. I don't think it's crap - which is odd, cause I actively dislike ED. Personally, I think Castle is crap because it's just another re-tread of cop-formula TV. Sure Nathan's fun to watch, but is there not enough predictable cop-formula on TV already??? Ugh. At least Dollhouse is something a little bit different.
I find it a poorly conceived and written show that victimizes women. Oh, and the lead is a mediocre actress on a good day and unable to carry a series.

While 'Castle' is a cop show, unlike others in the genre it has a sense of humor about itself. Nathan actually can carry a series. And I appreciate that not only are the female characters strong, smart, and independent, but Rick has a genuine respect for the women in his life. I'll take sameness done well over different and poorly executed any day.
It victimizes men equally. Victor is a sex slave once a month, it seems. And Echo is being built as a strong character...standing up for herself even when her 'imprint' isn't created for her to do so. Maybe, if you watch tonight's ep, you'll like it and give it another chance. :) I hope so, cause I need someone else to talk about it with me.

I like Nathan Fillion and he was the only reason I watched. But I found Castle to be totally predictable and generic and I thought the female lead was a crappy actress (maybe she'll get better). I did like the girl who played his daughter, though and I'm sure the show will do well - just like the substantially lamer Mentalist.
As if SF and good drama are ordinarily miles apart.

But yes, I've been wondering for quite a while where all that booze and smoke is coming from.
Wheeee! A reward for sitting through the first three or four dreadful eps! And thank God they've got someone/something that might bring a handful of viewers back. Although I did really like last week's ep. Two days to go till I can see this and BSG....
Gods, I adore Kate Vernon.

And I'm still trying to figure out what demographic "SyFy" is supposed to appeal to because it sure as hell isn't me. Or anyone else I know.
Some previously unknown fringe group desiring all i's be replaced with y's? I don't know!
Hmmm, I'm not sure that pic is a spoiler from this week's Dollhouse. The Alpha thing has been known for a while, but I wouldn't be surprised if that reveal comes much later.
So last week's Dollhouse wasn't the Alpha-spoiler Dollhouse. Did you watch? Did you like? I don't know if you care about Dollhouse spoilers, but next week's looking really good according to Kristin's "spoiler chat"...

*** spoiler below ***

Ever wonder what would happen if the Actives on Dollhouse suddenly woke up? Well, your wishes are granted in the April 6 episode "Needs." Five Actives—Echo (Eliza Dushku), Victor, Sierra, November and Mike—suddenly awaken and question where they are, what they are doing there and who is in control. The Actives start to remember things about their real lives and reveal more of their backstories, including the fact that November left someone very important behind when she entered the Dollhouse.

***End Spoiler***