Hmmm, the question is, will comcast's schedule agree and automatically go long? I know it wasn't scheduled long enough for the credits on the Last Frakkin Special so I still haven't seen the gag stuff at the end.
Huh. I tapped the special, but haven't watched it yet. I should see if anything got cut off. It's being repeated tomorrow.
I recorded it twice, will look to see if the second one cut off. I suspect it should have been pegged as 61 minutes.
Hmmm interesting. It's down as running 1hr 50 here next week. I wonder if our version will have stuff missing as I can't see that 20 minutes all being made up of more ad breaks there than here.
I can't see that 20 minutes all being made up of more ad breaks there than here.

You obviously don't know U.S. cable TV! ;p
I watched the special last night an it only ran one hour and ended on time. I also noticed on that Daybreak, part 2 is airing again on March 27th at 5:00.
Maybe it's just a fluke that my dvr cut off at the very beginning of the credits for the special. It also cut off on the credits for Daybreak Pt 1 on Friday so I got everything but RDM/Eick at the very end. Hrmmmm.
Here to help! And I'm still getting over it's the day before the LAST EPISODE EVER and SciFi hasn't publicized the ep running over?!?! Oh, wait, I forgot getting the news out about the audience alienating rebranding is more important.
Hmmm, I'm not sure the comment was insulting or a declaration of his feelings about Jamie's hotness. ;)
Thanks for posting this! I checked my DVR and Comcast has it set to end at 11:11, but I added several more minutes just in case.