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Alias, what else?

* Another cliffhanger? Are these people trying to kill me? What the Hell is behind door 47??!!

* And speaking of 47, big shout out to reckleslinguist who reminded me of the relevance of number 47 in relation to the Rambaldi artifcats. And wasn't it page 47 of the Rambaldi diary that had Syd's picture?

* Could Jack and Vaughn be any cuter (and, no, not in the slashy way :p). I loved Jack's "Not really" response to Vaughn's question if he found him any less spineless now, followed by the ever so small smile. :)

* The dream sequence was very cool. I suppose we are to wonder whether or not Lauren is one of the bad guys. Frankly, I think it was wishful thinking on Syd's part. If Lauren was working against them it would be a Hell of a lot easier to get Vaughn back.

* Speaking of Syd and Vaughn, I *had* to burst out laughing when she realized, uh, it wasn't a dream. Yes, you just revealed you are still hung up on him. Then again, I didn't exactly see him pushing her away.

* Sloane's up to something. Well, color me surprised! :p Now, what is this "end game" that Lindsey spoke of. Frankly, I don't care what he has, I don't see Sloane helping the guy because a) he does seem to genuinely care about Sydney and b) Sloane hates to be manipulated.

* Have I hated any character more than I hate Lindsey? No. I don't care who kills him, I just hope he suffers before he dies.

* Is it just me or was anyone else waiting for Kia(?) to whip out a gun and start shooting? Maybe sometimes an airhead really is just an airhead and not a top level agent for some nefarious agency.
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