Ooh. Ohh! I know an awesome panel topic... "How The New Starbuck Is Totally More Badass Than The Old One, Even With Being A Chick And All". ;)
Oh my GOD. I almost wish I could go now, except the rage blackouts would probably be ugly. Hee.
I also noticed that Tracey Scoggins is going to be there! Maybe I'll bring a pair of gloves to be autographed!?!?!! HA!
But you could make a lot of money! I suspect people would pay big bucks to see his ass kicked by a pregnant woman. ;p
Given his attitude, I suspect it would be hard for her to find. ;p

If only DC could get Mary, Katee, and Tricia to appear. I suspect a sudden illness would arise to prevent him from coming.
This time, YOU might have to bail ME out of jail. Oh, how the tables have turned.

I hope he's just off in a sad little corner signing stray autographs. They cannot seriously put him on a panel, given his attitude toward the new show.
Speaking of tables, what do you want to bet Sorbo shows and he and Dirk are seated next to each other? It would be just our luck. Maybe we should put 50mm in charge of bail money.

I would be shocked if Dirk and Richard didn't do a panel together.

Oh man... and if Katee attends this year?

I think they would HAVE to know better. Right? Do I need to be emailing some people here?

Dirk may be the first person in the history of the con that needs 24 hour security.
Oh! Will they have a "slap him in the face" line instead of an autograph line? I'd pay 20 bucks to do that.
He may need personal security. I'm surprised he has the balls to show, especially since I didn't think he actually had any.
Oh my god. Please HATE HIM and his ASS FACE on my behalf! (I would ask you to punch him in his ass face, but he's not worth it.)
The sad thing is I used to like him! Granted, I was six, but I still feel ashamed.