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Not the Day I Had Planned

I had envisioned this day as a 'Get Things Done Around the Apartment Day as BSG Plays in the Background Day'. Instead, I've paid more attention to BSG then intended, spent the day reading a lot of wonderful posts, and having an unexpected email conversation with beccatoria. When I finished responding to her last email, I clicked on my Flist and saw Ron Moore, too, had posted about today and, like many of us, wishing it was not coming. My favorite part:

There will be reunions and retrospectives, special editions and extended cuts, interviews and seminars. Solace can be found.

Seminars? Sign me up! :)

So, today ended up not being what I intended, but as I dozed during 'Deadlock' (because if you are going to nap that's the episode in which to do it) I realized this day won't happen again and I still have enough clean clothes to get me through the weekend.

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Special editions. Interesting.

I'm about to go through my BSG collections to watch Best Moments Ever for the less-than-2-hours that I have now. I'm not sure if this will make me happier or sadder, but I wanna do it anyway. I also can't seem to pry myself away from LJ, as I've been home from work for 2 hours now and have yet to leave this site. I still need to eat dinner!
I managed to watch pretty much all of the marathon today (made dinner during Deadlock, lol) and just snuck in Daybreak Pt 1 since I'll be putting the kids to bed while it's on. I am a shaky nervous wreck for tonight. And I am clinging to y'all. Indeed, this day will not come again.

Time to put the kiddos to bed; I'll see you on the other side!

::huggles you::
Jesus, just read RDM's post. Why did I go read RDM's post? Now I am crying all over again. +really need to collect myself. It's frakkin' bedtime for the kiddos+
I meant to do more today as well. Grrr. I've been having to chase my district numbers all day which sucks. Why can't all stores just make company goals so I don't have to be cranky?

Also? It's BSG day! Somehow I have lost all my BSG icons. :( I'll have to find some more later...after I go sell a million copies of Twilight DVDs. Wish me monsters!