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BSG: Daybreak Part 2

I’ll have more to say after a rewatch or two, but I wanted to get a few thoughts down now. I know reaction will be mixed, but, overall, I was happy with how it ended.

This morning, I got spoiled for Lee and Kara not ending up together. You guys know me, so I’m just going to be honest, it made me happy. I adore their relationship as friends, but they’ve been toxic for each other as lovers and I have never found them compatible in that way. The argument can be made that they were going to be given a fresh start, but apparently Kara Thrace died in ‘Maelstrom’. I know there will also be rage over Kara’s ambiguous end. My take is she, like Head Six and Head Baltar, was an angel; accept one allowed to interact with all because she had a destiny to fulfill. Why she had to die to fulfill that destiny, I am unclear on. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to die in ‘Maelstrom’ and God (though it doesn’t like that name apparently) brought her back to fix a mistake.

OK, I’ve been waiting since of June of 2008 to say I told you so. It was a earth, perhaps the original earth, but not our earth and not the earth they were meant to find, contrary to what Adama thinks. Thanks, Bill, for being wrong until the very end.

I’ll need beccatoria to back me up on this, but in the email conversation we were having today I speculated that the fleet could end up setting on our earth in our distant past. I didn’t think it would be quite that distant. I was thinking more along the lines of a couple thousand years ago and that their religious beliefs influenced already existing civilizations. The cycle is broken when, over the millennia, humans and Cylons find away to breed and combine the races. Of course, the cycle could begin again as we come to rely more and more on machines and artificial intelligence. It turns out that’s pretty much how Ron wrapped up the series!

What I Liked (The Lee Section):

• LEE LIVED! Thank you for that Ron, I’ve seen Jamie die on screen far too many times.

• POLITICAL LEE! He’s always being there. And he’s always had a handle on his father, his selfishness, his stubbornness, his inability to see outside his bubble. It’s his way or no way. Still, Le couldn’t help but try to make the old man proud.

• Lee commanding a unit of centurions. I had flashbacks to ‘Valley of Darkness’ when he was scared shitless trying to take one out, now they have his back.

• Lee came up with the plan for a fresh start! Presidential to the end.

• But his ending was bittersweet. In the span of a few minutes, he lost everyone he loved. On the other hand, for the first time in his life, he felt free, as if anything was possible. He didn’t know what direction his life would take. It made me a little verklempt. And, in my mind, he found someone to climb that mountain with him, Nurse Ishay. ;)

What I Liked (The Rest):

• The scene between Laura and Cottle. She almost made Cottle cry! And she certainly got to me.

• The attack on The Colony was spectacular.

• Old Skool Cylons interacting with New Skool Cylons. At first I questioned the choice, but then I realized The Colony has been around since the first Cylon war and I doubt they would have just scrapped all the old models.

• Addressing Tory’s murder of Cally and Tyrol snapping her neck. Some will say Tyrol’s rage sabotaged the truce and could have meant the end of them all, but did anyone really believe Cavil was going to keep his end of the bargain after he got the information he needed?

• Caprica got a happy ending with Baltar. She never stopped loving him and it seems he loved her or loved her as much as he could any woman. I think they can actually build a life together. Baltar was a prisoner of his ego and genius and both are meaningless now. What can he put to use? Farming, a skill taught to him by his father. And Gaius Baltar, after everything he’s done and everything he’s been through, finally broke down, finally found some peace.

• Helo lived. I really thought he was a goner. And what is with him and leg injuries? I’m glad he, Athena, and Hera got a happy ending.

• Boomer achieved redemption. I didn’t feel they needed the flashback to her meeting with Adama and Tigh. I just assumed “Tell the Old Man I owed him one” referred to her shooting him.

• As much as I adore Bear’s work, I felt it was fitting that the original ‘Battlestar Galactica’ theme was used as the fleet approached the sun. This has all happened before and will happen again and all.

• Laura got to see earth. She got to see her people settled and the fruits of everything she’s fought and sacrificed for. She died at peace and she deserved that. Also, the dying leader, with her last bit of strength, tended to her flock.

• Beautifully incorporating the previous scenes we’ve seen of the Opera House with what was transpiring on Galactica. Caprica and Baltar took Hera, but it wasn’t for their benefit or the reasons feared.

• Adama, dies, alone. Thanks, Ron.

What I Didn’t Like:

• Couldn’t they have made sure to get all the footage they needed of Lee with longer hair before they cut it for the flashbacks? The wig he was wearing during the raid on The Colony was terrible. Thankfully, the scenes were brief.

• I’m not sure what the point of Laura’s date was. She has bad sex and decided to join Adar’s campaign?

• I had just got into a zen place this afternoon regarding the Adama/Roslin relationship and I was fine with their scenes in the finale right up until that selfish presumptuous bastard put his wedding ring on her finger! You know what, you weren’t married! You never even asked her when you had the chance! Probably because you knew what the answer would be. You just do not make that choice for her.

• I was OK with Admiral Hoshi, but President Lampkin? Hello fan service!

• Daniel the missing Cylon was not Kara’s father. It seemed so clear!

• The Pigeon. The Pigeon was representing Kara. Really? And, wow, heavy-handed.

• The Lee/Kara/Zak scenes I went from enjoying immensely to being really offended by them. Where do I begin? They forgot Zak was six feet away and almost had sex on the table with him present. And we have a double whammy with canon. Kara has a history of cheating *and* she met the wrong brother first. I believed she loved Zak and Sam and Lee equally, in different ways, and at different times. Now, we’re meant to believe it’s always been Lee and she was just scared of her feelings for him (though I don’t know why) and stayed with her fiance and husband out of loyalty???

If anyone was wondering about the weird act breaks, I read an interview with Ron earlier and he wrote ‘Daybreak’ as one three hour film and wasn’t happy with SciFi’s splitting the episode into two parts. As for his cameo, it didn't really bother me. Maybe I just expected him to put himself in the episode somewhere.
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