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In the I'm pissed department. The DVD release of Season 3 of Friday Night Lights will contain the edited version of the episodes that aired on NBC. Which means I have to reaquire the episodes unless someone comes to their senses.

The final three episodes of 'Pushing Daisies' get an airdate. From The Futon Critic:

And finally, "Pushing Daisies" will begin its swan song on Saturday, May 30 at 10:00/9:00c. While not confirmed, one assumes the slot will also be used to broadcast the remaining installments of "Dirty Sexy Money" and "Eli Stone."

Dragon Con guest update: Kate Vernon and Jason Momoa!

And now I'm going to attempt to listen to a podcast. I didn't get half the things done I wanted to this weekend, though I did manage to finish my taxes. Accept I apparently didn't receive an interest statement from the bank. Considering how little money it was I just pulled the 2008 bank statements and added it up.
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Jason Momoa!!!!! Whee!

If Tahmoh signs up again, I will be a happy, happy camper. :)
Well, you know if Jamie signs up I will be a happy, happy camper. ;-) But since he's still in England and waiting on word if L&O:UK is being picked up, it's probably too early for him to commit.
re: FNL DVDs- WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT. That is just...stupid. You FILMED the extra footage, you morons, you edited and scored it and the whole bit, why not fucking get money from it?

Unless they're saving that for a box set in three years.
I wonder if the extra FNL footage will end up on the discs as deleted scenes. If not... well, that seems like a remarkably short sighted decision on the part of the studio.
Even if the extra footage is included in a deleted scenes sections, it's not the same. We're talking like seven minutes of additional footage per episode.
Which podcast? I'm so sorry.

I'm still hoping for more of a Cylon presence at DC. Yeah, I can dream. :)
'Islanded'. I only got half way through since people at work kept interrupting. :p

Almost completely O/T (but still TV related!) do you hear anything about 'Life' Being canceled? I here mutterings and am not terribly surprised I have to say. The whole Shahi-pregnancy thing was kind of a big frigging nail in an already sturdy-looking coffin I thought...
I haven't heard anything about 'Life' being canceled, but I just got tipped off to rumors of TSCC being canceled. Sadly, the pregnancy induced storyline has been handled so badly, imo, I'm almost at the point of not caring if the show gets renewed.
Ugh!!! Why oh why would they not include the extended scenes. That is just ridiculous. Now I'll have to reacquire those longer versions myself. Morons. It's nice to see they are finally airing Pushing Daisies, though at this point it seems almost pointless. The hardcore fans will get the DVD's anyway. I just can't believe they dropped the show in the first place. Studio execs=idiots. I've never been to a Con before but it sounds like a lot of fun.
The one time I go ahead and delete to free up room on my hardrive! I just assumed the longer versions would be on the DVDs. How many series and films release director's cuts? It doesn't make any sense that a studio would release the edited versions when longer versions exist. The exception being if it's an old series and there are issues with music rights like WKRP.

Cons are, in my experience, a lot of fun. Though I have heard some horror stories. DC is quite the experience because, while it's huge, it's also very laid back. The celebrity guests are just walking around in the lobby of the hotel with the fans.
The one time I go ahead and delete to free up room on my hardrive! I just assumed the longer versions would be on the DVDs

I know! I did the same exact thing. It just makes no sense at all. And the issues with music don't make sense either. I thought they dealt with all of that nowadays when they got the rights to use the songs not only for the original airing, but DVD purposes as well. I remember JJ Abrams running into that problem with Felicity and just thought it was all taken care of in advance. Maybe NBC is just being cheap. I'd rather pay a little more for the DVD set if it means the episodes are the full length and music is the same. Then again, this season only has 13 episodes, so it seems like the least they could. Silly execs and their silly ideas.

Cons seem like they would be really fun. Hopefully I'll have the chance to make it to one. Though I think I would be totally speechless if I met certain celebrities face to face. lol.
The DVD release of Season 3 of Friday Night Lights will contain the edited version of the episodes that aired on NBC.

What? That makes no sense whatsoever. If you've got the footage, already edited in properly in at least one version, why not use it? Even if they do include the extra stuff as deleted scenes, it's still stupid. WEIRD.
I'm really hoping they rethink this plan. I'd rather have the DVD release delayed and get all the footage. I don't even know if I'm going to buy the discs now.
That sucks about the FNL DVDs (luckily I saved the episodes, phew!) but maybe that's part of the deal with DirecTV, still trying to get people to sign up for the service instead of waiting for NBC airings or the DVDs. Lame, but I guess I see where the suits are coming from. And I will continue to thank the Internet for making it unnecessary for me to get DirecTV. :)
I really hope this news gets around and the DVD sales take a hit. No, I'm not bitter! :p