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Mini Break, Day One

Thursdays are so much more relaxing when you don't have to go to work. I'm taking a long weekend, but not as long as I anticipated since I will likely have to go into work on Sunday. Today I got very little accomplished. I had a blood draw for my physical next week. I think I managed to scare the lab tech. If you are a petite person and state you haven't eaten in over 15 hours it seems to concern some people. I had to fast for 12 hours, is three more that big a deal?

Then I went to my mom's since I had a conversation with her earlier in the week in which she said, "Maybe you could find the time to come over and pick up this candy I bought for you" to which I translated to "I haven't seen you in FOREVER". We talked for about six hours and I somehow managed to recap the BSG finale. No, she's never seen the show. Yes, she agrees with me Adama is an ass. :)

Then it was home to watch TV. I didn't watch the first episode of The Office or the premiere of Parks & Recreation. To be honest, I feel I've given The Office plenty of chances to make me love it as much as I know some of you reading this do, but I'm not feeling the love. Or even the like some weeks. And P&R just looks like an inferior copy of the show that inspired it.

Instead, I watched Bones. I'm still trying to figure out why the hell they've reset Bones to her Season 1 personality. I find it very irritating.

I did watch the second episode of The Office. I was amused by Micheal's new office being a closet. Before my firm remodeled, we had a paralegal work out of a closet which was considerably smaller than Micheal's new digs.

30 Rock was very funny. I approve of any and all shots taken at Apple.


* Ben Mackenzie (he's apparently dropped the jamin) in a uniform is hot. Sadly, he received very little character development in the pilot so I can only comment on the hotness.

* The first guy Ben arrests is played by the actor who played Oliver on The O.C.. Hee!

* Ben's partner, John, seemed constructed of stock cop cliches. The detectives struck me as more interesting.

* OMG, C Thomas Howell has aged badly! I checked imdb and he's only six years older than I am, yet he looks like he could be my father.

Apparently, there was Dollhouse DRAMA today. The Televisionary has a good recap of what is really going on here. Kristin at E! has much of the same information, but for Prison Break fans there is an interesting comment posted to the thread, comment 16. Apparently, as with Dollhouse, PB filmed episodes for the studio that FOX has no plans to air.

And in more weird network TV news, TV Guide posted this interesting tidbit about 'Life's chances for a third season:

NBC's 'Life' wrapped up its sophomore run with an audience of 4.5 mil, plunging 19 percent. Will 'Life' go on? Although it might seem unlikely, there is talk of struggling NBC picking up "mini" seasons of a few on-the-bubble series. Stay tuned.
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