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Mini Break, Day One

Thursdays are so much more relaxing when you don't have to go to work. I'm taking a long weekend, but not as long as I anticipated since I will likely have to go into work on Sunday. Today I got very little accomplished. I had a blood draw for my physical next week. I think I managed to scare the lab tech. If you are a petite person and state you haven't eaten in over 15 hours it seems to concern some people. I had to fast for 12 hours, is three more that big a deal?

Then I went to my mom's since I had a conversation with her earlier in the week in which she said, "Maybe you could find the time to come over and pick up this candy I bought for you" to which I translated to "I haven't seen you in FOREVER". We talked for about six hours and I somehow managed to recap the BSG finale. No, she's never seen the show. Yes, she agrees with me Adama is an ass. :)

Then it was home to watch TV. I didn't watch the first episode of The Office or the premiere of Parks & Recreation. To be honest, I feel I've given The Office plenty of chances to make me love it as much as I know some of you reading this do, but I'm not feeling the love. Or even the like some weeks. And P&R just looks like an inferior copy of the show that inspired it.

Instead, I watched Bones. I'm still trying to figure out why the hell they've reset Bones to her Season 1 personality. I find it very irritating.

I did watch the second episode of The Office. I was amused by Micheal's new office being a closet. Before my firm remodeled, we had a paralegal work out of a closet which was considerably smaller than Micheal's new digs.

30 Rock was very funny. I approve of any and all shots taken at Apple.


* Ben Mackenzie (he's apparently dropped the jamin) in a uniform is hot. Sadly, he received very little character development in the pilot so I can only comment on the hotness.

* The first guy Ben arrests is played by the actor who played Oliver on The O.C.. Hee!

* Ben's partner, John, seemed constructed of stock cop cliches. The detectives struck me as more interesting.

* OMG, C Thomas Howell has aged badly! I checked imdb and he's only six years older than I am, yet he looks like he could be my father.

Apparently, there was Dollhouse DRAMA today. The Televisionary has a good recap of what is really going on here. Kristin at E! has much of the same information, but for Prison Break fans there is an interesting comment posted to the thread, comment 16. Apparently, as with Dollhouse, PB filmed episodes for the studio that FOX has no plans to air.

And in more weird network TV news, TV Guide posted this interesting tidbit about 'Life's chances for a third season:

NBC's 'Life' wrapped up its sophomore run with an audience of 4.5 mil, plunging 19 percent. Will 'Life' go on? Although it might seem unlikely, there is talk of struggling NBC picking up "mini" seasons of a few on-the-bubble series. Stay tuned.
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What's with companies shooting episodes that the network doesn't want? Bizarre. I'll be really annoyed if the Prison Break episodes - ones that wrap up the series (?) - are only available on DVD or something!
I don't know! This shooting episodes just for the DVD release is a new development to me. I really don't know if it would increase DVD sales at all. If you are a fan of a show you're likely to purchase the DVDs with or without extra material.
But there would be a lot more people who would not have bought the DVD who might if there are whole extra episodes on there! For example, I really enjoy PB but not enough to want to buy the DVDs for a rewatch. But I'd be forced to, if I had no other way of seeing them. And at this stage, who knows if I would have another way of seeing them? I mean, I download TV shows, but I don't tend to download DVD releases.
I don't download DVD releases much either. There has been one exception, but I ended up buying the DVD when it was released a few weeks later. It's just so likely that a DVD rip would appear in various places and people, with enough online savvy, would know where to locate the download to watch a single episode. I did buy the box sets of 'Wonderfalls' and 'Kitchen Confidential' after only seeing a few episodes (Oh, what a surprise, both FOX shows ;p), but I likely would have bought the sets even if all the eps had aired. If for no other reason than most short lived series don't see much, if any, syndication.

The only reason I can see for shooting additional eps that the networks have no intention of airing, at this point, is to test the waters for direct to DVD series in the future.
TVShowsonDVD had some info, re: Prison Break DVD. The show is ending and the direct-to-DVD movie isn't necessarily tied directly to the ongoing arc - but at least it will be available as a separate release, rather than stuck on the end of the season four box set.
And outraged Dollhouse fans are already blaming Fox for screwing them over. Huh? If I understand correctly, Fox never specifically asked for this thirteenth episode, and they had nothing to do with its production -- which was done because the studio (not Fox) needed a 13th ep to fill out the DVD. Fox has no obligation to show it, and while I'd like to see it air, I can see why they'd be reluctant to show something that wasn't produced under their aegis. Yet, as with just about everything else, it's all the fault of those evil Fox bastards. Sigh.

I mentioned the other day that I've been very reluctant to get into Dollhouse, even though I can see myself becoming fannish about it. This would be why. I adore the Jossverse friends I've made on LJ, but the outside Jossverse fandom can give me a headache sometimes.
You understand the situation about as well as I do. One thing I haven't seen anyone mention is that if the thirteenth episode takes place in the future (it sounds as if it may have been created as a series finale in the event of cancellation) and FOX does decide to renew the series, then isn't there the potential of the episode being negated by developments in Season 2? It actually may be logical for FOX to hold back airing it.

Well, you know I am no fan of Dollhouse, but even if I was I would stay away from the fandom at large. I dealt with some of the crazy during my Buffy days, where I was largely defending the Joss's storytelling choices, now it's as if you can't criticize the man.
It would be interesting if Joss has produced an episode that is, in essence, a finale just in case the show is not renewed. It is called "Epitaph" after all. But comments from Tim Minear don't indicate that the episode shouldn't air, just that it isn't going to.
From what I've heard, the additional episode was commissioned by 20th Century Fox because they needed 13 episodes to put on a DVD -- something about contracts or distribution or whatever. (No idea why they couldn't just slap 12 eps on discs, but whatever!) This one was written and constructed in such a way that it has no real bearing on the mytharc and won't affect a potential S2. I think I read somewhere earlier that it's "post-apocalyptic" and similar in tone and format to BTVS's "Restless".
I have DVD sets consisting of 6 and 8 episodes so I don't know why they couldn't get by with 12. I'm surprised Joss hasn't come out by now to try and clarify all this.
Okay, I was curious, so I checked my browser history to find the posts I'd seen yesterday.

Televisionary quotes Tim Minear on Whedonesque (I don't dare go over there). "So maybe I can help clarify this somewhat. Because we scrapped the original pilot -- and in fact cannibalized some of its parts for other eps -- we really ended up with 12 episodes. But the studio makes DVD and other deals based on the original 13 number. So we created a standalone kind of coda episode. Which is the mythical new episode 13. The network had already paid for 13 episodes, and this included the one they agreed to let us scrap for parts. It does not include the one we made to bring the number back up to 13 for the studio side and its obligations. We always knew it would be for the DVD for sure, but we also think Fox should air it because it’s awesome."

And someone in the comments of Sep's post says that 20thCF routinely puts "13 episodes" in the contracts for international and mixed-media (DVD) rights, so they had to come up with a thirteenth episode at the last minute because they couldn't reuse the original pilot. Yeah, "13" seems pretty arbitrary but, as I originally assumed, it all boils down to contractual obligations rather than Fox deciding to kill an episode as a harbinger of cancellation or just being mean to Joss and the fans.
So... it's pretty much written in stone, like, granite now, that Fox = The Kiss of Death, right?

Bastards. :::still disgruntled over Firefly:::
I'm not turning into FOX's defender because they have made A LOT of mistakes in the past, but it looks as if they never agreed to air thirteen episodes. And if the episode does, in fact, flash forward to the future, then it could possibly negate whatever happens in a second season, should FOX order one. The one thing I managed to learn in all this is Twitter is a dangerous tool! ;)
OMG. I did not recognize C. Thomas Howell! Who was he?

As of right now, I agree, the detectives are more interesting. I love Regina Taylor. I wonder if Tom Everett Scott's role is going to expand.
C Thomas was the the jerk cop that got himself shot. I don't think he's a series regular, just a guest star.

Tom Everett Scott's introduction was odd. Did he have more than one brief scene? He is a series regular so I hope we get to see A LOT more of him next week.
I'm intrigued as to what NBC might pick up by way of mini-seasons. I also heard a rumour that Jericho might get a tv mini-series/extended episode along the lines of Razor or the Plan for BSG.

I'm intrigued that episodes can be filmed for a show but not aired - how do they get the funding to do that, given how expensive filming anything seems to be? Although I've still not watched any of Dollhouse, so it's largely academic for me :P

Your mum thinks Adama was an ass? But how can no-one love an autocratic patriarchal figure with a habit of ignoring the well being of everyone around them while somehow making everything about themselves? Of course, if Adama knew I was saying that, he'd probably brush his teeth angrily in my general direction...
I heard a rumor about a 'Jericho' feature film, but I questioned if there was enough interest to warrant that. A TV film or direct to DVD release seems more likely.

The funding for the extra episodes comes from the studio producing the series rather than the network. Though I think 20th Century Fox is the studio. I guess they see a way to make money off filming a thirteenth (or fourteenth episode if you count the scrapped original pilot), but I don't see hordes of people rushing to buy a DVD set for one episode.

Putting the wedding ring on Laura's finger may have tipped my mom over to my way of thinking. ;) She couldn't fathom doing that in death when he had ample opportunity to ask her to marry him when she was still, ya know, breathing.
I assumed it was a direct to TV film they were talking about for Jericho - I don't think there'd be a market for it as a feature film, much though I'd enjoy it. Although I'm still disappointed about one of the character deaths :(

Would it be bizarre if the extra episode was a reaction to the number of people who bought Firefly on DVD, which had a couple of unaired episodes on it? Or am I think of something else... that's the problem with being away from home, I start hallucinating!

Given how RDM rooted his final imagery of Adama in his own memories of his father, I'm wondering just how much I should read into Adama's inability to deal with other people from Ron's own life.

Although I'm still more annoyed at how unimportant the opera house imagery turned out to be.