Asta 2

TSCC: Immediate Reaction

OH MY #$!$&#@^&#^#&@!!! GOD! Now that's a finale!

Um, more later!

And, yeah, now I'm sure the FOX bastards will cancel it.
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EEEEEAAAAAAHHH I'm loving the reactions to the last couple of eps. I'm still not caught up, yet I am dragging my feet in case we don't get anymore. PLEASE FOX OMG DON'T CANCEL THIS. (I went and bought S2 off itunes, just to bump up the numbers, and I'm watching eps on; maybe it will help? maybe?)
Thanks to massive storms, we missed the first half-hour here in favor of constant footage of Doppler 3000 X-Treme Hi-Def 3-D Severe Weather Team Updates The Most Advanced Weather Coverage in the Metro Area. Or whatever they're calling themselves now. Ugh. I saw everything after the commercial break at 0:30, when Weaver was in the parking garage. Did I miss anything important? I doubt it, but hey. Figured you could help. :)

And yeah, good finale -- a definite cliffhanger with some fascinating possibilities for S3, but also a note of closure if it's not renewed. (Sigh)
I can't think if anything major that happened in the first half hour. Some more John/Cameron UST. Events being put into motion. And BAG and Jonathan Jackson in the credits was a clear giveaway that Derek and Kyle would be back in some form. I did not see John traveling to the future though!
sOOO....i Haven't watched all season since John's annoying blond girlfriend showed up but I saw the last 90 seconds.

WHAT THE HELL? What is he doing in the future? And was that Allison or Cameron?
OHHHH, I haven't watched it yet. I went downtown for a drink last night and ended up coming home in a cab about 5 hours later. I'm hating my friend Gale right now but he's taking me out to dinner tonight so I guess I'll forgive him. Anyways, I'm going to watch Term here in about an hour. I can't wait. And yes, I agree with you, it's most likely canceled. Those bastards........I hate that they killed off Dean Winters and Brian Austin Green though, ( I think that's his name).
OMG, totally awesome. God I hope this doesn't get cancelled. What an ending. and Derek is back! Love it!