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Amazon Rank

I'm sure many of you have heard about Amazon Fail. Amazon is apparently stripping the sales ranks from GLBT books, preventing them from showing up in bestseller lists and searches and, by extension, likely hurting their sales on the grounds that they are adult material. Many of the books contain no explicit sex, whereas many books with explicit heterosexual sex - still ranked! Apparently, you can also still buy a book that will teach you how to build a bomb. O_o

meta_writer has a rundown of links detailing the fiasco. And rydra_wong tracked down Amazon's customer service phone number, 1-800-201-7575, and executive customer services e-mail, Additionally, the Twitter #amazonfail movement is underway.

ETA: Oh, convenient, CNET News has been told it's just a glitch and being fixed.

Speaking of Twitter, two things I learned today:

- The use of # in tweets. ;)

- Beware of going to the profile pages of people you don't know who are following you. There is apparently some sort of virus going around. I had two obvious spam accounts try to follow me today and thanks to some helpful individuals I learned you have the option to block people by clicking on Followers at the top right of the page.

If anyone has an extra Dreamwidth code they are willing to share, I'd be most appreciative. I have no immediate plans to maintain two separate journals, but I'd like lay claim to my name and dink around with it a bit.

Ever wonder if that packaged food you pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgot about is still any good? Check out StillTasty. I think they cover just about any item of food you can think of.

I finally watched the Dead Like Me direct to DVD film today. Eh. I enjoyed the the scenes between George and Reggie, but found the rest disappointing. The new Daisy was as bad as I had heard. Though, I can't place all the blame with the actress. The character was nearly unrecognizable as written.

I also caught the Doctor Who special. I think my interest in the series is waning. It all felt like a retread. I did like Christina and Michelle Ryan is a better actress than Bionic Woman led me to believe. The Doctor stole the Tardis from the Time Lords? Is this old news?

Back to work tomorrow. ::weeps::
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