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I have a Dreamwidth invite. Woo! Before I do anything with it, I have a question for you all. Given Dreamwidth is still small, I'm assuming I could just be Asta there. But, I'm Asta77 everywhere else. However, when people refer to me by name (so to speak) they use "Asta" and not "Asta77". So, I'm looking for help/advice on what I should do. For a nanosecond I thought about coming up with a new name, but I feel like I'm Asta at this point. ;)

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Hey, I get the problem! :-) But I'd say, get Asta, since I figure you'd have gotten that earlier if it had been available? And once the invites are a dime a dozen, you can also get Asta77 (which is less likely to be snatched up, I would assume) and redirect, if you're worried about people not finding you/confusion.

It's going to be more of a pain in the ass for people crossposting mentioning you rather than you yourself, I think. But a lot of people are having slightly altered names now, losing names and underscores and such; Asta vs. Asta77 isn't that hard to remember.

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Yeah, some bastard in (oh, irony!) Russia already had Asta when I joined LJ and since I didn't want to adopt a new name I added the 77 (the year 'Star Wars' came out. ;)

Cross post mentioning could be an issue, but given how similar the names would be and that most people would know me starting out it's not a huge deal.

And Thanks! :)
I just got a DW account myself and dropped the sevens. Even though I love sevens! But I had originally wanted just Daybreak but that was taken on LJ. It was available on DW so it's mine!

Did you originally want just Asta? Or do you like sevens too? Make your name something you like!

ETA: Just read your comment above. Go with Asta! It's true, you won't be that hard to find there.

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I feel pretty confidant I'm the only Asta identified with Jamie Bamber, Lee Adama, and BSG. ;)
I don't think it really matters. I've seen people doing both. (And from my experience, people aren't exactly replicating their reading/friends lists over there either). I don't think crossposting should be too much of an issue for you, since you'll have to log into both sites separately; it could be an issue for other people to mention you in crossposts. Dreamwidth user tags allow you to specify the site for the user; LJ user tags don't, so I think you have to use hyperlinks (though if I'm wrong about that, I hope someone feels free to correct me!).
Generally when people link to a post the link to the post so I don't see crossposting being a huge issue. And I plan on sticking to LJ for the foreseeable future. I do believe you are correct about the user tags on Dreamwidth vs LJ.
Congrats! I'm still waiting, though I'm not sure it matters since my LJ is permanent. You should go for the name that you want. I understand the dilemma, but I'm sure you can make it work.
I have no plans to abandon LJ, but I like to have a back up in case of a mass exodus or LJ going kablooey.
I don't mind the numbers, but I'm not attached to them either. And I actually was Asta on The Board That Shall Not Be Named - though I hope the Dreamwidth experience won't end in rage and tears. ;p
I picked Asta though I don't think it makes a big difference. Also sekritly I am hoping this dreamwidth thing blows over because I fear change. Even good integrated change that doesn't threaten anything. *puts on tinfoil hat in case of alien broadcasts!*


(Yes, probably I will get a dreamwidth too if everyone else does. It just causes me nervousness!)
I don't like change either. And, overall, I'm happy on LJ. I think Dreamwidth has the potential to be the next great thing, but I'm not ready to pack up my LJ and move there.

One cool feature of Dreamwidth is that you can utilize Google Analytics which is helpful to anyone running a, let's say, fansite. ;) But the idea of moving the site kind of terrifies me.

Ideally, LJ and Dreamwidth will find a way to co-exist.
I'm not seeing the point of it at all and why there's a big tizzy over another corporate venture wearing a smiley face. So I didn't vote.

I'm always torn on questions like this, mainly for selfish reasons (it so much easier to find people when their names are exactly the same). However, Asta and Asta77 are very close - it's not like you're missing a second word or phrase that people would associate with your user name. And, in addressing you, people are more likely to use Asta anyways, so I'd grab that.

Personally, I'm torn over Dreamwidth. I want to run over and reserve my user name because I'm paranoid about loosing it. On the other hand I can't really wrap my head around moving to a different service - I guess I'm a bit of a old fogey in that once I put down roots I get all grumpy if I have to move ;)
I really don't want to move. LJ has it's faults, but I've grown very comfortable here. And as someone pointed out to me yesterday, Dreamwidth is supposed to provide an income to it's founders, if they can't support themselves with it, then what?

There was a very interesting discussion going on at ladysorka's post here about fannish migration and the oddness that is the urgency being whipped up about Dreamwidth.
Thanks for the link. Her post as well as some of the comments explain why an immediate mass migration won't be happening. What's really interesting to me is that DW went from being the Next Awesome Thing to the subject of a lot of backlash in record time. I'm just taking a wait and see approach (while reserving my name ;). I think it has the potential to succeed where Greatest Journal failed and is less annoying than Insane Journal.
I think (though I can't say for sure since I didn't see it myself - I saw it referened in friends' journals) that the backlash may be a result of a certain contingent of people (DW reps, or shippers, or certain fandom peoples, IDK) pushing really hard for a shift to DW. I think fandom is a bit like a mule like that - the harder you push it one way, the harder it will push the opposite way. That, combined with the feeding frenzy ignited by the invite codes (a case of perceived, rather than actual, scarcity, I think) was all that was needed to whip up...well...whatever this is.

I guess we'll see.