Thanks for the link. And bless BAG for being so hopefully. Here's hoping his optimism is well placed.

And yeah, his Star Wars comments are brilliant :)
hate to burst everyone's bubble, but have you guys seen this??? ausiello's a huge gossip, but his info is painfully accurate at times.
I saw that yesterday. Since I have a feeling I know who one of his sources is, I'm not 100% sold yet. Likely the series will be canceled, but I'd like confirmation from someone besides him.
i don't know where he gets his info from, but i saw it and thought of my f-list. i don't like the show, but it's still silly to cancel it yet keep all the garbage on tv atm. at least this was smart. alas... ratings mean more than brains. :/
Wow, what a great interview. He's so articulate! I particularly loved this:

If we just run around and shoot, then there’s no growth. It’s one of the things that [Executive Producer] Josh Friedman works really hard at, creating a series that can grow, that has room to move and breathe, and the show has that. You know, you get to the end of the season and so many of the episodes in the middle, that people didn’t like, start making sense. He’s a storyteller and he tells in a very biblical form. He’s very good at laying out a season and making the entire season the story, not just episode to episode. There was a lot of payoff but then again, for season three, a lot of now new unanswered questions.

Exactly. EXACTLY. And that's why it SUCKS if they get cancelled--they're walking such an interesting storytelling tightwire, and they're doing such a great job; I want so much for them to have the chance to continue.

I also love his love for the original franchise. Awwww. ♥

Though I will say that the finale didn't feel like a series finale to me AT ALL--totally the opposite. I'm not sure WTF the interviewer was smoking there.
Good interview but unfortunately I saw something on CNN this a.m. (it may have been the report mentioned earlier) that pretty much said it was done for. Makes me sad, I like this series. I especially liked the way the finale ended.

Also, is it wrong that BAG declaring his disappointment in the prequel movies did more to endear Derek to me than nearly anything that actually occured in the show?