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Confessions of a Twitter Convert

I'm rapidly falling in love with Twitter. Not for posting so much, though it does provide an outlet for random, stream of consciousness moments that I don't feel inclined to take the time to post here. But it's the following of others that I am finding very cool and very exciting. Look at the on set pic from Leverage!

You vote: this the promo for my fantasy global frequency rebo... on Twitpic

Courtesy of creator/writer/producer John Rogers. Who posts throughout the day as to how filming is going in Portland.

Or you can follow The Sarah Connor Chronicles Josh Friedman and Ashley Edward Miller as they snark on Michael Ausiello and his claims that the series has been canceled.

Or Jon Favreau as he talks about the shooting of Iron Man 2.

Or Hugh Jackman who's offering to give $100,000 away to a non-profit if you can sell him on it in 140 characters or less.

Or Nathan Fillion...nuff said.

In other sort-of exciting news, I'm officially on Dreamwidth as asta. I tried to draw as many people as I could recall who had accounts into my circle (did someone watch too many friends and family commercials? ;) last night, but if I missed you, sorry!. And please add me, I'll add you back. :) I have no plan on posting there at this time. I'm not even sure I'll cross-post. I'm just there if the need arises for another place to call home, but I shall cling to LJ as long as possible!
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Ohmygosh that picture is ADORABLE. I was looking for Leverage icons yesterday and damn, they are all SO NICE TO LOOK AT, it's kind of ridiculous.
I know! That picture is AWESOME! And thankfully non-spoilery. I need to get some 'Leverage' icons myself before the new season starts.
Alyson Hannigan is now tweeting there as well at the urging of some friends. Probably good for helping her sanity since she and Alex just had the baby a few weeks ago and it's good to feel like an adult on occassion. She's tweeting as alydenisof

I saw her page or whatever you call it a couple days ago. To be honest, I'm not a fan of hers. And to be even more honest, I'm not sure if there is anyone affiliated with Buffy whose tweets I would care to follow besides Nathan. Maybe David. Oh, and Jane. I liked her blog.
Welcome aboard!

Now the concern is that twitter soon becomes a myspace or facebook where there is so much static and noise, the actually content id squeezed out.

Some early adopters are concerned that twitter has "jumped the shark" with a Brittany Spears account (obviously not written by her) and Ashton Kutcher (very obviously written by themselves as PR people would not put that content up) are in the top 5 and a star can mention their twitter name and go to the top 5 in less than 36 hours (Ellen & Setphen Fry).

Yet as you have indicated and LeVar Burton has said, they are curious to see where this tool goes to see if it stays useful or just another distraction on the web.

Here are the top 100 twitter accounts:
I'm finding quite a bit of content right now and I think it's because people are forced to get to the point with the character limit. Of course, I'm also choosing to focus on friends and people in the entertainment industry and not just following everyone I come across.
Don't forget: @Jeffrey_Donovan for Burn Notice set pics and more... @omarepps and @feliciaday (she's the one who got Nathan on Twitter)

I'm @marcee12 :)

Welcome. Also, if you're interested, there's @greggrunberg for Heroes dish and random food musings, @ThatKevinSmith for some unusually crude commentary, @Jon_Favreau who I just started following, but so far so good and now @oprah (I can't believe she got @oprah)!
{{waving}} Hi asta, long time no "see"! *g*

OMG, I saw that picture, and the first thought jumped in my mind was: that's Jake from Supernatural! o.O

I saw your post and joined Twitter! But I'm so new, it finda confuses (overwhelms) me at the moment. For example, do you set update to your cell phone? Would it flood the incoming message box if you do?

Also, how can I get on Dreamwidth? It will go public on April 30th, right?
::tackles you::

He was on 'Supernatural' too? I only recognized him from 'Friday Night Lights' prior to 'Leverage'.

I have no idea how Twitter interacts with cellphones. I'm old skool with cellphones and just use them for calls. I have sent a few text messages and it has not been pretty. ;)

Dreamwidth is still in closed beta and you need an invite code to create a journal, but, yes, it will be in open beta on April 30th. You really aren't missing anything yet. There is still a lot of work going on. I just jumped on the bandwagon to reserve my name and lay the groundwork for possibly using it as a backup journal.
He was on 'Supernatural' too?

Yeah, a small but quite pivotal role I might add. *g*

Hey, thanks for the advice on Twitter. I think I'll lay off the cellphone thing for now. At least wait until I get my iPhone in July.

Hmmm, not sure how this Dreamwidth thing is going to go. Do you have to double post in two places, or if it can synchronize with LJ?
I think you need to post in both, but they are working on a way to synchronize posting. There's even been some glitches with importing LJ entries, so I'm holding off on doing that. It's very much a work in progress.
Synchronizing is good. Otherwise, I don't see how many people would want to make the switch. Especially if they've been on LJ for awhile. This DW is making me a little nervous. Does this mean LJ is dying?
Sorry for the late reply. The reports of LJ's death are greatly exaggerated. ;) DW may provide some competition, but the people who have created DW are relying on it to provide them with an income and if that doesn't happen the support needed to make it successful may not be there.