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Confessions of a Twitter Convert

I'm rapidly falling in love with Twitter. Not for posting so much, though it does provide an outlet for random, stream of consciousness moments that I don't feel inclined to take the time to post here. But it's the following of others that I am finding very cool and very exciting. Look at the on set pic from Leverage!

You vote: this the promo for my fantasy global frequency rebo... on Twitpic

Courtesy of creator/writer/producer John Rogers. Who posts throughout the day as to how filming is going in Portland.

Or you can follow The Sarah Connor Chronicles Josh Friedman and Ashley Edward Miller as they snark on Michael Ausiello and his claims that the series has been canceled.

Or Jon Favreau as he talks about the shooting of Iron Man 2.

Or Hugh Jackman who's offering to give $100,000 away to a non-profit if you can sell him on it in 140 characters or less.

Or Nathan Fillion...nuff said.

In other sort-of exciting news, I'm officially on Dreamwidth as asta. I tried to draw as many people as I could recall who had accounts into my circle (did someone watch too many friends and family commercials? ;) last night, but if I missed you, sorry!. And please add me, I'll add you back. :) I have no plan on posting there at this time. I'm not even sure I'll cross-post. I'm just there if the need arises for another place to call home, but I shall cling to LJ as long as possible!
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