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The Week in Review a Day Early

TV Round Up In Brief, Seriously

Chuck: No more 80's music, PLEASE!

House: 'Bored Now' until the last 30 seconds.

Castle: The weakest episode of the season thus far.

Rescue Me: The long hiatus helped. I can pretend last season never happened!

Scrubs: Very cool version of 'Hey Ya'.

Bones (both episodes): I really wish I could understand where these characterizations were coming from. And why can't Stephen Fry be a series regular???

The Office: If I could watch this Michael Scott every week, the chances of me becoming a fan would grow tremondously.

30 Rock: Is Alec losing weight? Or maybe he's getting more sleep. He looked less puffy.

I realized earlier today I have nothing to watch tomorrow night. :(


Wondering why all the buzz about Dreamwidth? foxfirefey posted about what it does, what it will do, and what it hopes to do. It helped clear up a lot of my confusion.

Maybe there are better ones out there, but this Twitter FAQ helped answer a few questions for me.

Want to Save TSCC Your Favorite TV Show? Stop watching it on television. An interesting point is made that the vast majority of us aren't Nielson families and, in watching shows online, at least are viewing is being counted in some small way.

Over at Galactica Sitrep, Not In Our Stars: The Betrayals of the Battlestar Galactica Finale. I was actually seeing some of Sam's (the writer's) points until about 2/3 of the way into his editorial he decided to trash Lee Adama. After that, he lost me.
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Yeah I read that article. It was interesting, even though I fundamentally disagreed with his assessment of why the finale sucked/when the show started sucking. (I think a lot of 4.5 was very solid, but in retrospect, I think a lot of the foundations were very shaky, and all the things I thought sucked big time were emblematic of the attitudes present in the entirety of the finale, but especially the last half hour.)

But, um, anyway, what I meant to say was, whatever his points and however I disagreed/agreed/half-agreed with them, I kind of love and hate him for giving me the image of Laura, on Earth, saying, "I did it." Because...ouch.

That's what she should have said. It's what she deserved to say. It would have been powerful. But no. :(
Hmmm... that article on watching TV thing is interesting. I've been thinking almost the same things. And since I'm not from the US I've always felt useless when I want to find a way to help shows I like because I know I won't be counted despite how much I love a show.
I really wish US shows would stream outside the US so the entire viewership could be counted. But the networks would likely argue viewers outside the US don't matter since many of the products being sold in the adverting aren't being sold in other parts of the world.
it's funny that i should say i'm tired of ppl shitting on the bsg season finale because i have stayed away from actually reading articles, but I AM! it makes me think not that less people liked it than didn't, but that those who didn't like it are simply more vocal. it's easier bitching and moaning than trying to understand something, however flawed.

poor lee! i've had this beef with fans even before the gigantic fandom!fail of these past few months, but what the hell do they all have against lee? lee is made of awesome!
It's funny, the people who hated it think they are in the minority and the people who loved it think they are in the minority! I guess it was about 50/50. ;)

I know I'm biased, but I really don't get the Lee hate. I'm not Kara's biggest fan and I don't get the Kara hate either. What makes the Lee hate worse in this particular case is the guy seems to hate Lee, but love Adama. He's not taking into consideration at all that Lee's flaws have something to do with having THE WORST FATHER EVER. If he gets pissy, maybe it's because he father doesn't listen to him. Or would rather spend more time with corpses than him.
At least it makes me understand how he became the manager. I was wondering!
Ditto on Stephen Fry. I love him! I'm confused too - Brennan is schizo, one minute she's evolved, the next she's regressing.

What happened in the last 30 seconds of House? I stopped watching out of boredom.
At the very end of House, House is alone playing the piano *and* harmonica, which was very cool, but not unexpected giving Hugh's musical talent. When he looks up from the piano, Amber is there! Then she walks over and says something it him I can't recall. So, yeah, now House sees dead people. ;p
Downloading TweetDeck ( ) as an application to create groups of things you watch in Twitter.

I created a few groups of users with key themes. Makes it very easy to track when you are following more than 20 accounts OR have a few that tweet too often to reasonably follow.
Does Tweetdeck allow you to change the design? I can't read white print on a black background.
Yes its much like a webpage where you have color control of text, backgrounds etc.