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The Week in Review a Day Early

TV Round Up In Brief, Seriously

Chuck: No more 80's music, PLEASE!

House: 'Bored Now' until the last 30 seconds.

Castle: The weakest episode of the season thus far.

Rescue Me: The long hiatus helped. I can pretend last season never happened!

Scrubs: Very cool version of 'Hey Ya'.

Bones (both episodes): I really wish I could understand where these characterizations were coming from. And why can't Stephen Fry be a series regular???

The Office: If I could watch this Michael Scott every week, the chances of me becoming a fan would grow tremondously.

30 Rock: Is Alec losing weight? Or maybe he's getting more sleep. He looked less puffy.

I realized earlier today I have nothing to watch tomorrow night. :(


Wondering why all the buzz about Dreamwidth? foxfirefey posted about what it does, what it will do, and what it hopes to do. It helped clear up a lot of my confusion.

Maybe there are better ones out there, but this Twitter FAQ helped answer a few questions for me.

Want to Save TSCC Your Favorite TV Show? Stop watching it on television. An interesting point is made that the vast majority of us aren't Nielson families and, in watching shows online, at least are viewing is being counted in some small way.

Over at Galactica Sitrep, Not In Our Stars: The Betrayals of the Battlestar Galactica Finale. I was actually seeing some of Sam's (the writer's) points until about 2/3 of the way into his editorial he decided to trash Lee Adama. After that, he lost me.
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