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I Wonder If This Helps the New 'Tron' Film?

If Chuck is canceled, I'll be OK with it. After a strong start, the back half of the season has had issues. That seems to be a problem with a lot of shows. ;) But tonight's episode could serve as an awesome series finale. And, yes, we do have one more episode to go this season, but I don't see it screwing up the momentum they had going tonight. I'm rather amazed that the writers were able to tie up so many lose ends and not make it feel at all rushed. Though Chuck confessing to Awesome he's a spy is something I've felt the show has been building towards for several episodes.

The Highlights:

* Chuck finally being able to share he's a spy, having Devon accept it without question, and finding it awesome. It also led to a nice little reveal that, deep down, on some level, Devon saw Chuck as a loser working at the Buy More. Now, I don't think Devon looks down upon those working in chain electronics stores, but he believed Chuck was capable of doing so much more with his life.

* Lester and Jeff believing Casey is obsessed with and has been stalking Chuck and selling Devon on the idea.

* Casey being awesome. The government didn't buy him with a promotion. And if it had come to the point, as it has before, he would have found a reason not to kill Chuck and Sarah. Heck, at the end, he not only lied to protect them, he was giving the lion's share of the credit for the success of the mission to Sarah. Bottom line is Casey, for better and worse, is a patriot with a strong sense of duty to his country. In tracking down Chuck and Sarah, he wasn't just following orders, he believed bringing them in would help ensure the safety of the Untied States. Ans when the government put him in a position to break his world, he, again, did what he felt was right. Not to mention, with an air strike called in, their death's, as well as the death of Chuck's father, would have been senseless.

* But I also loved that Casey was hurt that Chuck and Sarah never asked him to join them.

* And I knew Casey was going for his jacket. Chuck is his friend or, more precisely, can be his friend now that he isn't the pain in the ass he has to protect 24/7.

* Nice parallel between Chuck and Morgan. Both men were forced into positions that they didn't want to be in and felt they had no control over the situation and both were able to walk away at the end. Though, there is irony in that in having a world of possibility now open to him, Chuck walks back into the Buy More.

* Morgan finally getting the respect of his fellow Buy More employees. But did he have to take his shirt off? O_o

* Chuck/Sarah didn't annoy me as much as it has in recent episodes, but having them stopped in their tracks by the lack of a condom...well, without getting into NC17 fanfic territory here they could do other things. Or maybe they can't on an 8:00pm show. ;p

* Familiar faces returning next week. Woo!
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