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See, I Told You I'd Continue to Bore You All With BSG!

Last night was BSG/Caprica night at the Paley Festival. Either Caprica wasn't discussed much or the people who were there covering the panel are choosing to focus on BSG. For those not caught up on the series, beware of spoilers in the reporting.

The Futon Critic has partial recap of the panel with more to come later today. Ron made at least one comment that might upset some. I'll let you find it.

The Paley folks themselves tweeted the event. So you won't have to scroll through the tweets, I copied and pasted them

• David Eick on working with actors: "Writers in the writers room are driven by, inspired by and helped by what they see onscreen."

• Ronald Moore: "Caprica is just one of 12 colonies. 12 colonies that have squabbled but trade among another."

• Grace Park: "I've had enough deaths for any actor's career."

• Tricia Helfer: "To me she hadn't ever seen a human before.", Seth Green: "You can come over, I'm right here."

• Tricia Helfer on playing 6: "I didn't really understand until I watched the finale." (Me: Via another Twitterer, this was in reference to Tricia not knowing who Head Six was until the finale.)

• Ronald Moore on 6: "The original idea was not to know if she was a chip in his head or a hallucination of his subconcious."

• Jane Espenson: "She could be hiding in the grass because it was fairly tall grass!" (Me: The “she” is Kara.)

• David Eick regarding deaths: "It was a way of abiding by the original concept while giving the audience something to feel connected to."

• Ronald Moore on his personal religious beliefs: "Anarchy, communism, anti-american basically."

• Ronald Moore, who studied government in college, on being a history buff: "I think David and I were both history fans from the get go."

• Ronald Moore on the title sequence: "I think I actually said 'there is no f-ing plan, what does this all mean?'"

• Ronald Moore on ratings for the mini series which did better the 2nd night: "The entire conversation was about what the drop off would be."

Details of the 'Battlestar' bonus material on the complete series DVD set. It sounds (and looks) like a repackaging of the DVD sets already released with a few additional featurettes. I'll pass (unless I upgrade to HD).

I enjoyed this week's episode of Castle more than last weeks. But two things irked me. One, ABC inexplicably airing the episodes out of order. Rick is describing his ex wife to Kate who Kate met last week. It makes no sense! And, two, the makeup, hair, and costume people's inability to make Stana Kanic to look good. Week in and week out she has the bizarre eye makeup and everytime they try to glam her up she ends up with fugly hair and unflattering dresses. The dress last night was pretty, but did nothing for her. I still adore the Rick/Alexis relationship. :)

Do you you love Oceans 11 and The Muppets? Than this vid is for you!

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That's an excellent youtube video!

In the remade trailer theme... have you seen this remake of the Shining trailer?

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LOL! It amazes me how with some clever editing, i whole new film can be created!
I just do not understand what hair/makeup/wardrobe people are doing with Stana Kanic. My roommate and I were ranting about this during the show; they have finally grasped that she looks good in red, but then they find the most godawful cuts for her shirt and dress. Whyyyyyy? She's so pretty!
I liked the dress, but it's as if the costume people did what Castle did and bought it for her without her trying it on to see how it would look on her. I'm sure there are women who would look stunning in it, but she couldn't even fill the top! I just don't get it. And let us not speak of the hair.
You have just made my day with that vid link.

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Also thanks for the Paley tweets. It sounds like they didn't really discuss the disatisfaction with the finale which I'm kind of glad about; I was kind of avoiding coverage of the panel in case it disappointed me or something which in itself made me kinda sad. This was just the level I could handle.

Although my preferred explanation for Kara's sudden disappearance is that she got eaten by a mountain lion. A really fast one! :p
I can't say I've sought out fan reaction to the panel, but I haven't stumbled across anything. The only comment I saw that was potentially upsetting to some is Ron's admission that there was never a Cylon plan and the onscreen declaration was thrown in without his knowledge. Um, sure, Ron. :p

Maybe Kara was beamed up by the Enterprise as they traveled through time to defeat the Borg, again. ;)
Yeah - I think he's admitted to that before. I do actually think it might have been marketing that did that and I'm also okay with just making the story up as you go along, as long as you make up a good one. With the backstory to the final five, I feel they managed to deliver. With the mythology? Not so much. With the Cylon Plan? I'll wait for "The Plan," but I was always kind of okay with the plan being "Let's kill all humans!" and changing as it went.

Kara as a time-travelling borgified superhero is my new favourite thing EVER! XD
The wife and I love watching Castle. We find the best thing is to switch off your Brain and ignore the cliches and plot holes. And the show is definitely infinitely better with Nathan Fillion. Without him, the show would be unwatchable
Without Nathan I wouldn't be watching nor would millions of other people. If it comes back for a second season, he needs to ask for more money. ;)
One, ABC inexplicably airing the episodes out of order. Rick is describing his ex wife to Kate who Kate met last week. It makes no sense!

Why exactly do networks always re-order things so that they make less sense? It makes no sense.

And that is an awesome vid.
I have no idea. 'Leverage' was another show that had the episode order mixed up, though it will be corrected on DVD.