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IGN Recap of the BSG Panel at Paley

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan - New Footage Seen.

As the cut states, IGN also recapped a trailer shown for The Plan. If you want to remain spoiler free for that, it's easy to skip that section of the recap, just scroll past until you hit the picture of Ron. Everything after the photo of Ron deals with the series. There are some interesting revelations, particularly about Head Six, the various other incarnations of Six and how Laura's arc changed (some) in the back half of the season. Oh, and Adama's an ass. ;p
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Thanks for pointing to this since I hadn't seen it elsewhere.

Can we go back to that theory of Kara hiding in the grass? I'll admit I'm still in denial that this is all over, The Plan not withstanding.
Now, you've put the image in my mind of Lee walking away and tripping over her.

Kara: "That was for the grenade!" ;)

Another fan asked about a somewhat questioned plot point in the finale (by myself too, I should add), when Adama leaves Lee, apparently intending to never come back and see him again. Moore said he felt a key line was Lee saying his earlier memories were of Adama saying goodbye and getting on a plane and Lee never knowing when he'd see him again. He felt that given who Adama is, that at this point, with his mission over, "He's not going to come back." Moore added, "This is probably a character failing of the man, but it was who he was." If some felt that was "heartbreaking", Moore said they weren't wrong.

Pretty much.
I dunno, that sounds to me more like classic RDM saying "heartbreaking" when what the rest of us hear is "selfish and nonsensical".
I admit I could be interpreting his comments completely wrong (or it could be wishful thinking ;), but I felt he was saying that the mission was central to Adama's life and more important to him than his son, that it is a character failing of Adama's and that failing is heartbreaking. It gives me some hope that Ron sees Adama, in part, as we do. Has he ever acknowledged failings in Adama before?
No, you're right, this is a larger acknowledgement of Adama's character flaws than we've previously gotten, but I guess, cynically, I still feel that RDM is using "heartbreaking" as a synonym for "tragic character flaw that we still find compelling and moving."

Like...thinking he's still in that category of characters who are all the more compelling because of their brokenness rather than just having leapt right the way over that line into horrifying?
i really liked that recap! and i loved what ron had to say about laura! there's this thing that i've been wanting to mention for quite a while now, and i'll probably post later on, that ties in so wonderfully with what he said. funny how ron tends to fumble in the dark most of the times and can't tell his head from his ass (and admits it himself), yet out of his confusion comes the most wonderfully archetypal stuff that resonates deeply exactly because it comes from god knows where. joseph campbell would love this guy, i swear!

and yes! adama IS an ass! but i still can't help but sort of love him. like you love a puppy who keeps ruining your shoes. or something...
See, for me, Adama is more the pit bull that needs to be euthanized. ;)

I look forward to your thoughts!