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Can Chuck get a haircut in Season 3?

Since there are no cut tags on Twitter, you, my dear friends, get the spoilery comments. ;)

I had a feeling after last week's awesome episode that the finale would be a letdown. I feel my feeling was right.

Another problem is that the finale was almost entirely predictable. The Chuck/Sarah dance goes on. Devon and Ellie's wedding is a disaster and Chuck uses his big bonus check to give her the weeding she really wanted. Casey gets his old team back only to have it conveniently wiped out. Chuck embraces being a spy by choosing to become the Intersect, accept dear old Dad has seen The Matrix since he originally designed the Intersect so now abilities as well as knowledge can be downloaded. And because Bryce is too pretty to die, he'll come back from the dead, again, should there be a third season (and if Matthew Bomer's new series isn't shooting at the same time or is a failure).

It probably seems as if I hated the finale, I didn't. It was fun enough, but a disappointment after last week and not as clever as the writers tried to lead us believe it would be.

I did adore Casey's comment about the fabric for the dresses clashing with the bunting. Hee!
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