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Could Hugh Take Off His Shirt in 'Wolverine' Anymore Than He Did? I Think Not.

I've had a whirlwind weekend. The original plan was to spend three days in the Detroit area. Due to a series of events including Wil Wheaton canceling a con appearance and parents (not mine) making an unexpected trip to town, a weekend turned into a day trip. This was probably for the best for a variety of reasons that I won't go into because it would a) take me a long time to type up and b) this is a public post.

Besides getting to hang out with friends, the trip included my first ever excursion to Ikea and seeing Wolverine. I'm glad I got to experience Ikea first hand, but I'm not sure it's my type of store. The furniture is too modern and generic for my tastes and there is just too much stuff. I would have been overwhelmed had I not zeroed in on specific items I was looking for. I bought a few odds and ends including two wee, cute lamps, I've developed a thing for lighting and light fixtures in recent years, and ended up spending less than $40.

As for Wolverine...

My Non-Spoilery Thoughts

The film wasn't as good I hoped, but not as bad as I feared considering some of the bad buzz I've read. I feel I need to see it again to solidify my feelings and I will be seeing it again, likely next weekend, because my mom really wants to see it. Yes, she is an X-Men film fan and will even watch the films when they run on cable.

The elements for an excellent film were present, but they weren't executed as well as they could have been. The acting I thought was good. Hugh Jackman, as always with Logan, had some excellent moments. And there were a few neat acknowledgments to the X-Men films and, with one exception, the continuity was kept intact.

Where the film failed to fulfill it's potential was in pacing, action, and establishing a coherent backstory. I've read about clashes between the director and studio as well as reshoots, but I also wonder if Hugh Jackman is to share in the blame. There is no question that he adores Wolverine, has a genuine respect for the character's story and the fan base. But as I watched the film I felt as if I was seeing two separate projects attempting to be meshed together - the dramatic film Hugh desired to make and the big budget summer action flick the studio wanted to make. The drama wasn't developed as well as it could have been and the action sequences, with the exception of two, fell flat. Wolverine lacked the fun and excitement of the X-Men films, especially the first two, yet I really wanted to see more of Logan's journey.

And, as seems to be the case with prequels, I felt as if I was getting the cliff notes version of history, a mere rundown of events that shaped the character, because we already are aware of how the story ends.

And Now for the Spoilers

I understood the importance of the teaser. We see Jimmy had rage issues even as a young boy and it would take decades for him to achieve even a modicum of control over his emotions. But whether it occurred on the page or in editing, the teaser was a confusing mess that left us with more questions that answers. Why was Jimmy living with a man he thought to be his father rather than his real father? Why were he and his mother living with the adoptive father? Why was Victor left behind with the biological father? Why did the father not come back sooner to try and reclaim his family/seek revenge? And why did Victor tell Jimmy that their father deserved what he got? We never see Logan deal with any of this.

The love story I was 'meh' on, but Silverfox is part of the comic book canon and revenge over the death of the woman he loved was as good a reason as any to motivate Logan to agree to Stryker's procedure. And watching the procedure made me uncomfortable, in the good way, as we experience the horror and pain of what Logan is going through.

In X-Men we saw Logan haunted by visions of a past he couldn't remember; his nightmares nearly causing Rogue's death. It was interesting to see that the nightmares have always been with him, only the reasons for them have changed over the years.

I've seen complaints, by the die hard comic book geeks, about the inclusion of Scott in the Wolverine's origin story. I rather liked it. Not because I'm a fan of Cyclops, but in X-Men Scott gives Logan a hard time about receiving no thanks for saving his life. In Wolverine, we have Logan saving Scott's life, though due to Scott's inability to see and Logan's amnesia, neither man will ever be aware of this shared moment in their lives.

One connection between Wolverine and X-Men that is very problematic is the the inclusion of Sabretooth. I can forgive the recasting, but there is no familial vibe from Sabretooth towards Logan in X-Men and no hesitation in attempting to kill him. I did get the sense in X-Men that something had transpired between the two in the past, but are we to believe that after events in Wolverine Victor just walked away and didn't at least try and torment Logan with clues to his past?

Xavier's appearance would have been cooler if not for the fact Patrick Stewart has been doing voice overs in the commercials. It was a clear giveaway, to me, that Xavier would be making an appearance in the film. A rather creepy one given the use of the technology to make Patrick look younger.

Speaking of technology, why are filmmakers still using rear projection? Given the budget for this film, I was shocked at how cheap some scenes looked. As I mentioned before, the action sequences were, largely, a let down. Even though I knew Logan would survive, the battle on top of the tower on Three Mile Island had me on the edge of my seat. And I thought the fight between Logan and Gambit in the alley was well done.

While a Wolverine origins story with the focus on him, I do wish the supporting characters had been better fleshed out or not included if justice could not be done to them. John Wraith, Bolt, and Dukes were easily disposable and forgettable. Gambit and Deadpool made more of an impact, but largely because of what they can do and not who they are. I have seen numerous complaints about what was done to the Deadpool character and I can't address those since I know nothing of him outside of the film. What I am confused about is Wade/Deadpool and Weapon XI are listed as two separate characters on imdb. I thought Deadpool was Weapon XI?

I saw the Deadpool easter egg at the end of the film. While I find it hard to believe even a decapitated mutant can live, it was a disturbing scene. Can anyone share what the other easter egg was on other prints of the film? My guess is it involves Sabretooth.

I had an epiphany about The Office. I really enjoy the show when Michael Scott is shown to excel at his work. Coming late to the series, I never understood how Michael could have become a manager. Now, I get it. People can be good at their job, but utter failures in their personal life. And I want an icon that says, "I am not to be truffled with." :)

And 'Casual Friday' struck a personal chord with me. I once reported a former co-worker for wearing a track suit and sneakers to work on a Friday. And there was the attorney who (I believe only once) wore a bedazzled hoodie. I could go on. While the attire in the episode was extreme, not as extreme as some might think.

I have three Dreamwidth codes if anyone wants one. If I don't already have your email address, you can email me at my Live Journal addy and I'll hook you up. Also, I know many of you on my Flist are either not posting to DW or crossposting, but if you are posting different content on DW or are opting to make that your primary journal, please let me know and I'll start checking my account there more than once a week. ;)

I've been thinking of making some changes to my LJ such as dropping my Lee banner. Don't collapse of shock. I'll reiterate I still love Lee Adama and I still love Battlestar Galactica, but the show is over and I'm thinking it's the right time to revamp my journal. I want to try a different style that I may or may not be able to update with a banner given my limited coding skills. And if I do create a new banner, I want it to reflect more about me. On my Twitter page I've included a photo of Nick, Nora, and Asta, I wouldn't mind including them here as well, along with Jamie, and maybe other stars, TV series, and films I like.

Now, off it do laundry and clean! You so want my life, don't you?
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