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I Think I'm A Walking Computer Virus

How else do you explain that both my work and home computer have been giving me fits today?

I went in to work this morning in the hopes of getting all me spreadsheets up to date. But, when I tried to print out the information I needed my computer crashed not once, but twice. Grrrr. With no computer support on the premises I went to plan B and got all my filing done, sorted/cleaned out various other paperwork, sent out a bunch of e-mails, and perused all the American Express statements that have been turned in to see if people overlooked supplying billing numbers.

I also was thrilled to see cousinjean completed The Butterfly Effect. Loved the ending and was thrilled again upon reading that she is already plotting a sequel. YAY!

After work, ran some quick errands after coming home to discover my Alias Season 2 DVD's had not yet arrived. :( Decided to then go and see if I could find a copy of the extended edition LotR: The Two Towers to rent. Blockbuster had one copy which I was lucky enough to grab.

Today I really wish I had that second DVD player. I know I shall be getting one for Christmas, but it would have been nice to have watched LoTR or PotC while I've been at the computer the last two and a half hours. *Finally* finished up my cards and am currently printing them. Unfortunately my computer ate my first attempt and I had to redo everything. Now I'm watching my printer slowly print them out (it's also draining power and there are constant delays in me typing all this out - I think I need a new computer too ;). Next step are the personal meesages then I can mail them out early next week. :)

Note to Jean: I have a test copy that's going to go in the trash if you don't claim it. :p

Tomorrow I shall be seeing The Last Samurai. Not sure how much I'll be on the computer after that, but I'll have a review by Monday. And speaking of tomorrow...why does Angels in America have to be up against Alias? I thought Angels was on tonight but recently discovered otherwise. I guess I'll tape Angels to watch later, I can't wait for the resolution to Alias cliffhanger #38. :p

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