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'Wolverine' Sequel and Other Hugh Jackman Projects

Hugh Jackman Gets 'Carousel,' 'Security,' and 'Wolverine' Sequel - Cinematical

Wolverine wasn't everything it could have been, but I have some faith that Hugh and the others involved in the film will learn from the mistakes made and make the next Wolverine film better. But what I'm really excited about is this:

the long, long, long awaited 'Carousel' may actually happen. Now a priority at Fox 2000, it has a finished script by David Magee. If you're a fan of the musical you might be a little worried to hear it's been updated, though Jackman promises it keeps the spirit of the original. He wants Anne Hathaway to be his Julie Jordan, but talks haven't even begun.

After the Oscars, I commented to people that I would *love* to see Anne in Carousel with Hugh and it seems he was equally impressed with her Oscar performance and it may happen. Woo!
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