yeah! It's kind of hard, you know, because if Law and Order gets picked up for another season I doubt he'll be able to come(since that's why he canceled last year) So I don't know what to cross my fingers for!
I'm sure an offer has been extended to him, but, yeah, his appearance would depend on whether LOUK gets picked up and when shooting were to begin. It's possible, given the remaining six episodes filmed won't air until the fall that shooting on the next series would not begin until later in the year or next year so I'll remain optimistic. :)
Claudia Black, Ben Browder and maybe Jamie Bamber... that sounds like dodgy fic waiting to happen ;) Your description of the Claudia Black and Ben Browder panels at a previous con were entertaining, so I'm looking forward to hearing what you've got to say post-D*C.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Ben and Claudia together. Assuming no one cancels. Always a concern.
Wow, this is gonna be an EPIC d-con. I expect all of you to transmit your best blogging, LJing, and twittering/twitpixing. For those of us not present! Pleeeeeze! :-)