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Why all the Hub Bub, Bub?

Apparently I'm in the minority - I could care less if SMG showed up for the series wrap party or not. If it doesn't effect what we see on screen, who cares?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Sarah has never shown up drunk on set, never shutdown production due to "personal issues" (AKA rehab), never bad mouthed the show or her co-workers (I don't count Freddie's most recent bout of stupidity), and has seemingly always given 100% to the show. She did everything she was contractually obligated to do. Doing press for the show, participating in Cons, or going to wrap parties, to my knowledge, is not something she is obligated to participate in.

Now, that's not to say I agree with her decision. I do feel it was the right thing to do to be there. To show her appreciation for the cast and crew as well as what this show has done for her. It's entirely possible that without Buffy she may still be relegated to soaps. It's also possible she'll suffer from the same backlash Harrison Ford did for refusing to discuss what launched his career, Star Wars, and have to live with it.

But, I also know there are celebrities, as well as non-celebrities, that take a hard line to separate work from their non-work life. I work in a large firm and know people who have never participated in any social or outside function. Granted, they may not be seen as the friendliest folk here, but that doesn't make them bad people either.

It just seems odd to me that so many people seem to be getting their knickers in a twist over this. It doesn't change the character of Buffy nor the outcome of the show. Only if she had chosen to pull a David Caruso would I have been quite put out.
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Why oh why am I even the least little teeny tiny bit surprised? Heh. You know, there's not a goddamn thing SMG can do right. If she'd been there, she'd have been criticized for being a diva or something. Whatever.

Thanks, asta, for passing on the info so I don't have to read anything about it. Yay! Oooh, I think one of my celeb-sleuth minions might be trying to page me, possibly with Important Insider Information!! Later....
Totally agree, Asta and Caille. The funny thing is, if the cast knew we were discussing this they'd probably get a big laugh out of it :)

The fact that she didn't go doesn't mean she isn't grateful or doesn't get along with the rest of the cast anymore than the fact that the rest of them went shows they're bosum buddies. It's all much ado about nothing. SMG does talk about what the show has meant to her, and she's also proud of her soap opera background, so I don't think she'll suffer any repercussions. She's still getting work, because of what she does on the set - show up, on time, knows her lines, and works all hours in order to get it done. That's what a producer looks at, not how many parties she attends.

I didn't even know Bub was hubbing.

The real scandal, of course, is ME's failure to invite moi.

I was going to post a response in here, but it got so long I decided to put it in my journal instead. My opinion about it can be found there. :)
Jonesie dear, it was the final wrap party for the cast and crew. Joss probably feared you'd be too much of a distraction. Plus, it would have been embarassing for James to have to walk around all night with a "muscle cramp" upon seeing you.

If anyone is interested in a different take on all this, but very well reasoned, do check out Chase's comments. She makes some very good points. If anyhing I believe Sarah is not very publicity saavy.
Oh Asta, don't you know? SMG is a bitch and a diva because she's Buffy. And Buffy's a bitch. She hit Spike. Bitch.