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Everything But 'Star Trek' Since I Haven't Seen It Yet

My plans to sit outside and enjoy some of the beautiful weather we are having have been thwarted by the biggest wasp or hornet - I can never tell them apart - I have ever seen. I'm not allergic to the stings, but an attack by something that size would hurt like hell.

I know people have sworn never to watch anything Ron Moore is involved with ever again, but for those like me who still think BSG was mostly awesome and that the finale was not the worst thing ever, the 'Virtuality' pilot will air July 4 on FOX. Yeah, I think the airdate is a strong indication FOX is not picking it up to be a weekly series.

BSG Season 4.5 Cover Art. Sam and Tigh made the cover! And I love the triangles they created. Hee.

While not official, it looks as if 'Castle' will be renewed.

Hulu has started to stream British series. It's slim pickings so far, by I was excited to see Stephen Fry's Kingdom on the site. Unfortunately, for me, they only have the first season up and I've seen it already. I would recommend checking out the show. I found it entertaining and it has a nice little mystery going on.

I watched the, for the moment, season finale of Scrubs last night. A very, very satisfying episode and I hope Bill Lawrence decides to pull the plug or ABC opts not to renew it. The series had a creative resurgence this year, ended on a high note, and, as I mentioned to sdwolfpup, Scrubs without JD would be like The X-Files without Mulder. We all know how well that went.

I still haven't watched Caprica nor have I listened to the final BSG podcast. I had to admit to myself I'm on a break from the fandom. All the negativity, some of which I understood and some of which I didn't, finally got to me. But it may have turned out to be a good thing since I feel as if I had an epiphany about the finale. However, before I commit to anything I need to do a little rewatching.

And I still have three Dreamwidth accounts if anyone needs them, but I sense there are more floating around right now than there is need for.

OK, I'm five minutes into Bones and thinking, "WTF is up with this season???"
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The cover art for 4.5 is sweet, and it's good to finally know a release date since I pre-ordered it date unknown eons ago.

I did watch Caprica after startdust_20 said it was so much better than she anticipated, and I have to concur. It was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Just be forwarned there are quasi-gratuitous nekkid boobies (not saying whose or why for the spoilerphobes in the room)

I'm thinking I might get to see Star Trek sometime next week. Looking forward to it, too. Didn't think I would be. But yup, once a Trekkie, always a Trekkie. Although I am past my days of standing in a line around the theatre for a midnight debut showing, not that *cough* I've ever done anything like that *cough cough*
I've heard about the gratuitous boobies in Caprica. No one seems to know what the point of that is. Especially since it will need to be edited for broadcast on SciFi SyFy.

I'm seeing Star Trek on Saturday. I almost saw it tonight, but after going back and forth...and back and forth...with a friend about what day to see it, Saturday was finally chosen. I was totally against seeing it a few months ago, JJ Abrams has burned me too many times, but with the overwhelmingly positive views and Chris Pine's looks I was swayed to give it a chance.
Hmmm, I'm not sure the boobies are gratuitous since they help to set the scene. I understand this is a thin argument.
that's why I called them "quasi-gratuitous"; there was context to be sure, but it was over-the-top because it *could* be in an unrated release. The scenes will loose nothing important once they're cut to please the FCC. I am just thankful my children weren't about when I was watching it since I was totally unprepared, lol. If anything, it reminded me of the much-more gratuitous nekkid Shar'A (sp) scene from the pilot of Stargate SG-1.
Heh, those 4.5 DVD cover triangles are awesome!

I'll take one of those Dreamwidth thingies, if only to grab my user name for a start. :D
The triangles, for different reasons, really amuse me. I hope they don't change the cover art.

Invite sent!

I wonder if anyone is going to write up an analysis of us all laying claim to our user names on multiple blogging/social network sites? I've seen several people consider changing their name, but no one has actually done it yet.
not only have analyses been written about such things, there are actually services out there to help you find where your name is still available and where it's been squatted upon (or owned by you).
I've been the same way. I just don't have the energy to talk about the BSG finale. It's exhausting. I'm just emotionally drained by it all. I am sure I'll come back to it but *yeesh*

I started out in fandom as a solid Kara/Lee shipper, but when I found out who Jamie Bamber was and how frakkin' awesome he is, generally moved more into his "fandom" I guess than I was a fan of their relationship. That translated into being more of a fan of Lee, even though I still liked Kara, I kind of found that as long as Lee was alive, I could live with the finale. I honestly thought they were going to kill him. While I was sad at the way the relationship turned out, I wasn't really devestated.

But I think if I think about it too hard, I might be.

So instead I am diving into writing - fan fic and original - and hoping I get my BSG mojo back someday.

Hee, don't know why I am telling you all this, it's just nice to be able to relate being "done"
I kind of found that as long as Lee was alive, I could live with the finale.

Yeah, I felt very much the same way. I didn't so much worry about Ron deciding to kill Lee, but I thought he might kill all or most of the cast and thus Lee would die. Also, Jamie's characters have an unfortunate habit of dying on film so the odds weren't good. ;) So when Lee lived and there wasn't a blood bath at the end, I was satisfied.

A friend of mine pointed out that it seemed people's opinions of the finale were influenced by the fate of their favorite character. I fell for Lee and Lee/Laura in 'Bastille Day'. Lee lived, Lee/Laura was always a long, long shot, and Laura I knew would eventually die. While I would agree that Kara's storyline deserved a better resolution and Lee and Kara deserved closure, what I wanted to see/expected to see actually happened so I can't be terribly upset.
Haven't watched Caprica either, but I am a little curious about Virtuality. It sounds a bit like a le Guin novella that I really liked (and that was not dissimilar to BSG's premise). Maybe it will be better if it's a one-off deal, I won't have to worry about a whole 'nother RDM series. ;0P
The premise of Virtuality is intriguing and there are some good actors in it. Maybe it wouldn't make a good series, but I can't imagine it being a bad two hour movie.
Bones has been a bit odd and bitty this season. Of course, I am happy to watch it in whatever state it is, but I think they've been struggling with what to do with the B&B relationship. On the comms, most people found last night's ep hilarious in parts (until the scarily serious bit) but I guess cause I'd been whoring up on the spoilers I never found it funny. Hopefully next week will get it over the hump it's been stuck on.
Hmmm, I never found it hilarious. I found Stewie's verbal assaults amusing, as I usually do, but that was about it. Underneath the attempts at humor, I could see the serious issues that neither character was addressing which undercut the funny for me. And that was even before the potentially deadly brain tumor.
if you still have a dreamwidth invite thingie i'd like one. everyone's talking about this, so, erm... why not!

I feel as if I had an epiphany about the finale. However, before I commit to anything I need to do a little rewatching.

can't wait to read what you have to say about the whole thing! seriously! because i too am avoiding fandom atm. well, i've been avoiding it for the most part of the year, but lately more than ever. :)

love the 4.5 cover art, btw! TIGH MADE IT! gotta love tigh!
Invite Sent!

Unfortunately, right now, I find I love the show a lot more if I tip toe around fandom. And I still plan on writing that Lee/Laura fic!
thank you! i think i've added you somehow - i'm admireddisorder there as well - but i'm still trying to figure the thing out, it's a little different. :)

same here! actually, i've been feeling that way since late season 2. in many ways i think i am glad i didn't dive in more into fandom, and have kept to my little corner of it. truth be told, even said corner can get cramped. and it has, lately...

laura/lee fic! yay! am working on something laura/lee-ish myself, although it has bill and kara in it as well. can't wait to see your fic though!
While not official, it looks as if 'Castle' will be renewed.

I'm more pleased than I probably should be by this. I enjoy the show a lot, in a cotton candy way. I'd also like to see Nathan Fillion get a show that has more than five episodes.
Castle has it's problems (I'm still not a big fan of Kate), but the show is amusing and fun and, yes, I'd like to see Nathan have a hit and be on my TV every week!
Castle is being renewed? Good news - it's nice to have a show that's entertaining and doesn't require me to think too much. It reminds me a little of The Mentalist, but with more sarcasm and a personal relationship between Rick and his daughter that's absent between characters in The Mentalist.

I'm trying to work up the effort to watch the latest Bones; the episode with Booth's brother started out well, but then wandered off into the realms of stating the really obvious. That's possibly why I'm rewatching Jericho instead tonight...
Hmmm, you just made me realize one element that differentiates the two series. Jane is more reticent to form close personal relationships because of the loss of his family whereas Castle has a family, a close knit one, that encourages him to reach out more to people. In The Mentalist, when a suspect in a case starts revealing highly personal information, Jane tends to pull back and retreat into his personal pain. Castle, on the other hand, will push to learn more information. I do wonder if without Alexis and understanding how she would feel if something were to happen to him, Castle would be so motivated to try and solve the mystery of Kate's mother's murder.

Bones is just all over the place this season. I hope they get back on track next season or I may rethink my viewing habits.